Oral-B Junior Kids Electric Toothbrush for Children Aged 6+

Features – Oral-B Junior electric toothbrush

UK Edition

For 6+ to 11 years old children
The Oral-B Junior Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush has been specially designed by Oral-B for the 6+ age range. It comes in a very trendy purple or Green colour which is eye-catching and the hand size is small enough for a child size hand. The on and off button has been made to be simple for a child to press and control.

This electric toothbrush also comes with a 2-minute quadpacer timer that “buzzes” every 30 seconds to let your child know when to change areas of their mouth. Also included in the pack is a helpful bathroom brushing guide educating your child how to brush their teeth effectively.

It does not have a visible pressure sensor however it does lower the power of the oscillations and rotations when your child presses too firmly.

Mechanism of Action

The Oral-B Junior Electric toothbrush uses a 2D mechanism of action, like the Oral-B stages electric toothbrush. This means that it has a rotary movement and no pulsations. This is an inferior mechanism of cleaning compared to 3D oscillation, rotation and pulsation, however, is better than sonic electric toothbrushes. There are currently no electric toothbrushes in this age range that feature 3D oscillation, rotation and pulsation.

The Oral-B Junior electric toothbrush comes with a sensitive brush head within the pack. This has been specially designed to be compact and has extra soft bristles. This is really useful as children frequently press too hard when brushing. The Oral-B junior is compatible with all Oral-B Brush heads, however, I would recommend sticking to sensitive brush heads.

Battery life

The battery life on this electric toothbrush is 28 minutes which is enough for one week of use twice a day. This is a respectable battery life. It also comes with a charging stand which holds the electric toothbrush handle upright and stops it from getting grubby. As with all Oral-B chargers it uses a 2 pin plug so unless you have a shaving socket in your bathroom you will need a 2 pin to 3 pin adapter. One of these adapters can be easily picked up from any electrical hardware store.

Replacement Brush heads

This Oral-B electric toothbrush is bundled with the sensitive brush head, however, you can use any of the other compatible replacement brush head from Oral-B

The Oral-B Replacement brush heads – select the video you want to play from top-right corner

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