Philips AWP1775 Shower Filters

Philips Shower filter AWP1775/AP1775CH Description

  • 3-stage filtration: With double mesh filtration combined with NSF certified KDF material, this filter instantly cleans your shower water by reducing residual chlorine and other impurities like rust and sediments.
  • Suit for both hot and cold water: The filter is made of anti-scald material which fully adapts to the temperature of the water of your shower.
  • Easy installation or Replacement in 2 minutes: This shower head filter is compatible with most handheld, rainfall or fixed shower head. You can easily finish the installation or replace it with a new one by hand. No tools or plumber needed.
  • Large filtration capacity: Philips Water Shower Filter can filter up to 50,000 L/ 13,208 gallons of water and can be replaced every 4-6 months depending on the tap water quality in your area.
  • Better Water, better life: Philips Water Shower Filter provides your shower with softer and healthier water. It helps to reduce risk of having dry hair, skin and nails caused by hard water. Thanks to its chrome finishes, this shower filter will match your bathroom fixtures without looking out of place.

How long does the filter last?

The official rated usage for the AWP175 filter is 50,000 litres.

This depends on the length of the shower taken and the type of head on the shower. Based on a study and survey, the average shower duration is approximately 7 minutes and the average shower volume is approximately 55 litres. In households with a high-flow shower head the average water consumption per shower is 64.2 litres.

It also depends on how many headcount in your household, you can refer to the following calculations to illustrate how long will a filter last.

Average Shower Volume (Litres)Showers DailyHeadcountDaily Total LitresNumber of days