Visible Pressure Sensor

Everyone’s felt the urge to brush with fervor and stick the bristles right up against the surface of your teeth. However, you’re not doing your teeth nor those bristles a favor. Vigorous brushing can wear down your enamel and shorten the lifespan of your bristles.

What is a pressure sensor?
A pressure sensor, with respect to electric toothbrushes, are small components inside the brush handle that detect when you are applying too much force during your brushing routine.  When it detects the use of excessive pressure, the brush will reduce the amount of power delivered to the brush head in order to reduce the chances of ongoing damage to the teeth and gums.  If the excess force is removed, the motor will power back up to a fuller speed and perform as normal. This change can happen within split seconds.

The bristles of the brush should skim the tooth surfaces to sweep away, bacteria, food debris and plaque.  Hard and aggressive brushing will not normally help, hence the pressure sensor to alert you to these instances where you do apply too much force.

Visible Pressure Sensor

The Visible Pressure Sensor is an important feature of higher end Oral-B models that score high points. Pressing too firmly with a toothbrush causes tooth abrasion. This is where the toothbrush starts to remove the enamel of a tooth and can lead to gum recession and tooth sensitivity.

Oral-B’s Visible Pressure Sensor not only reduce the motor power but will alert the user by switching on a light on the brush, quite often a red warning light found at the top of the brush handle.  This comes on as soon as too much pressure is detected.  It remains on until such time as the pressure is reduced.

App Tracking with Bluetooth
The most advanced Oral-B model will change the motor speed, illuminate a warning light whilst also sending a message to your smartphone application which is tracking your tooth cleaning.  These Bluetooth enabled brushes will often log the amount of time too much pressure was applied for and use it as a way of coaching you to achieve better oral health.

Pressure Sensor – Electric Toothbrush Features – How Important?

Some Oral-B models have Pressure Sensing but without the Visible warning light on handle
The brush has a sensor built in that will slow down the power of the brush motor if you are brushing with too much force. This is good as it helps protect the teeth and gums. The motor will speed up again, if the pressure is reduced/stopped.

However, it does not have what we really call a true pressure sensor. Aside from a very slight change in sound there is no way to alert you that you are brushing too hard. It does not have a red light, that turns on to alert you, like other brushes from Oral-B with a built in pressure sensor.

Note : Some of the above info were extracted from Electric Teeth UK article

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