Oral-B Stages Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush D12.513K

Oral-B Advance Stages Power Electric Toothbrush


The Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush D12.513K definitely has the fun factor. It currently comes in 6 different Disney themes and designs:

  • Disney cars and planes
  • Disney Star Wars
  • Marvel Avengers
  • Disney Princesses
  • Frozen
  • The Incredibles

Disney Themes and Magic Timer App
This means that your child will take a liking to at least one of the designs. The Oral-B Stages also comes with the Disney Magic Timer app which is exclusive to Oral-B Products. This is available on Apple iPhone and android apps on google play. When this app is connected to your electric toothbrush, the longer your child brushes their teeth, the more the image is revealed. All images are of Disney characters and are well designed. The app also tracks your child’s progress, earn badges and rewards them for brushing longer and twice a day. This is an excellent oral health promotion tool and 90% of children brush longer when using it.

There has been a recent update to this app which means there are problems with scanning the product to activate the timer, leading to negative reviews on iTunes and google play.

Mechanism of Action

The Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric toothbrush uses a 2D Oscillating-rotating mechanism of action similar to the Oral-B Vitality for adults. A 2D action is a rotary action which oscillates and rotates. This is inferior to the 3D mechanism of action featured on the Adult Oral-B Pro range. There are currently no children’s electric toothbrushes that feature 3D oscillating, rotating and pulsation. There is substantial evidence that the 2D oscillating rotating is better at cleaning plaque than sonic toothbrushes.

The Oral-B Stages power kids electric toothbrush comes as standard with 1 x  Oral-B EB10 kids brush head. These brush heads are designed for children aged 3+ because they have very small head sizes and soft bristles. Between the 3-6 age range children are beginning to clean their own teeth so having soft bristles is great because kids frequently press way too hard.

Battery Life

The battery stores up to 20 minutes of charge. This is enough for 5 days of use twice a day for 2 minutes. This is a little on the low side for a rechargeable electric toothbrush, however, is acceptable. The Oral-B Stages Power Kids Electric Toothbrush does come with a charging station included in the box. Like all Oral-B charging stations, the Oral-B Stages charger uses a 2 pin plug. To get this to fit into a normal 3 pin socket you will need a 2pin to 3 pin adapter. This can be bought from any electrical hardware store.

Other Variations


Special Japanese Edition of Pokemon Theme

Replacement Brush heads

EB4510K Oral-B Stages Power battery operated toothbrush uses the EB10 replacement brush heads, and is compatible for all themes.

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