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Revlon Salon One-Step Tutorials

You can choose any of the following 6 tutorials when using your Revlon Salon One-Step hair tools

REVLON Salon One Step Tutorial Sleek Look Hair
REVLON Salon One Step Tutorial Slicked Back Look Hair
REVLON Salon One Step Tutorial Smooth Pony Tail Hair
REVLON Salon One Step Tutorial Bouncy Blow Dry Hair
REVLON Salon One Step Tutorial Natural Waves Hair
REVLON Salon One Step Tutorial Braided Style Hair

Philips Sonicare BrushSync replacement reminder system


Inside the brush head is a small microchip.

When the brush head is fitted to the brush handle, the chip is detected and the warning light will flash 3 times. This acts as confirmation that the handle has detected the head and that the electronics inside the handle will now keep track of it.

As you use the brush head, the handle continues to track how often it has been used.

The handle knows that the brush head should be replaced every 3 months, so once the handle detects that the brush head has been used for this amount of time, the ‘BrushSync’ LED on the brush handle will light up an amber/orange colour to tell you it is time to change the brush head.

But, the brush is cleverer still.

If it detects you have brushed 3 times a day every day or brushed with more pressure, it will activate the BrushSync alert system sooner, as the bristles will have worn out sooner than the typical 3 month time period.

By the same token, it will delay alerting you to replace the brush head.  If you used that head just once a day over 3 months, it would not tell you to replace it until it had been used for the equivalent to 4 minutes a day for 3 months.

This is a very neat touch and shows how technology can be used in a positive way to better the nations oral health whilst also being cost effective (by not replacing brush heads too soon).

How to install App that are meant for other market?

If you bought some devices from US or Europe, which runs on App that are only available in their respective IOS App Store or Android Playstore, you can follow the following steps and install the respective apps on your handset.

The following is using US Apps as example:

Apple IOS App Store – How to Install iPhone Apps Not Available in Your Country

How to Get US Playstore On Any Android (Android Tips)

Hope the above helps

Specifications and attachments of Braun’s Male Grooming BT and MGK series

Braun’s grooming tools come in 2 main different series:

a) BT Series – Beard Trimmers for all grooming and styling

The various BT series models

You can see the comparison chart of the various BT models – Comparing various Braun BT Beard Trimmer series models

b) MGK Series All-in-one trimming from head to toe

The all-in-one grooming kit helps you to achieve the look you want for your beard, hair and body, including nose and ear hairs.

You can see the comparison chart of the various MGK models – Comparing various Braun MGK Multi Grooming series models

The various attachments and their functions

Braun MGK7929TS, one o fthe highest end model, illustrate what each of the attachments do

AutoSensing Motor

AutoSensing Motor

Braun’s innovative AutoSensing Technology, reads your beard 13 times per second and adjusts the power of the trimmer motor to its thickness, so it has no trouble getting the blades to go through heavier growth without snagging, providing an effortless trim for any beard type.

The motor provides extra power exactly where it’s needed, allowing Braun trimmers to deliver unprecedented performance vs. all previous generations of Braun trimmers.

Braun’s Auto-sensing motor

Precision Wheels

Precision Wheels

The precision dial and multi-comb system give you ultimate control across 39 lengths, and you get the exact length that you want for the trim.

Fully Washable

Fully washable

Keep all heads and combs effortlessly clean by rinsing them under running water. A built-in LED light handily indicates charging status, reminding you when it’s time to recharge.