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Specifications and attachments of Braun’s Male Grooming BT and MGK series

Braun’s grooming tools come in 2 main different series:

a) BT Series – Beard Trimmers for all grooming and styling

The various BT series models

You can see the comparison chart of the various BT models – Comparing various Braun BT Beard Trimmer series models

b) MGK Series All-in-one trimming from head to toe

The all-in-one grooming kit helps you to achieve the look you want for your beard, hair and body, including nose and ear hairs.

You can see the comparison chart of the various MGK models – Comparing various Braun MGK Multi Grooming series models

The various attachments and their functions

Braun MGK7929TS, one o fthe highest end model, illustrate what each of the attachments do

AutoSensing Motor

AutoSensing Motor

Braun’s innovative AutoSensing Technology, reads your beard 13 times per second and adjusts the power of the trimmer motor to its thickness, so it has no trouble getting the blades to go through heavier growth without snagging, providing an effortless trim for any beard type.

The motor provides extra power exactly where it’s needed, allowing Braun trimmers to deliver unprecedented performance vs. all previous generations of Braun trimmers.

Braun’s Auto-sensing motor

Precision Wheels

Precision Wheels

The precision dial and multi-comb system give you ultimate control across 39 lengths, and you get the exact length that you want for the trim.

Fully Washable

Fully washable

Keep all heads and combs effortlessly clean by rinsing them under running water. A built-in LED light handily indicates charging status, reminding you when it’s time to recharge.

Reviewing KingSmith WalkingPad C1

You may be busy, but you need physical activity to stay healthy

WalkingPad C1 meets your daily needs for walking. Whether it is early morning, noon, or evening, facing the window and looking into the distance, after a meal, you can enjoy comfortable walking at home/office and more importantly, it occupies less than one square meter. just walk away at any time!

KingSmith WalkingPad C1

Easy to fold and store

After being folded, the area is less than half a square meter, the volume is smaller, and the body is thinner. It does not occupy the effective use of the family space. Under the table, under the sofa, under the bed, and on the balcony corner.

Patent speed control

With the help of the high-precision pressure sensor at the bottom, walkingPad C1 is equipped with a breakthrough automatic speed control patent technology, which can accurately measure the user’s position and step frequency change, and automatically control the acceleration, decelerating, and uniform speed. 

Two sports modes

M is manual mode, which can be used to start, accelerate, decelerate, stop, and switch modes through the remote control. It is recommended for beginners; A is automatic mode, which can freely control the speed of the walking machine through adaptive speed. Experienced is recommended Used by athletes.

Remote digital display

It comes with digital remote control, which can realize the corresponding operation and can view the relevant exercise data in real-time, such as distance, time, speed, number of steps, calories burned, etc.

Lightweight, strong construction

The lightweight and one-piece aluminum alloy frame structure greatly reduce the weight of the C1 body, while improving the overall stability and durability. The net weight is 22kg, but it is enough to bear the weight of 90kg.

69mm slim platform, every millimeter is very particular

The height of the step platform is only 69mm, which reduces the distance between the fuselage and the ground, makes the walking machine more stable, and greatly reduces the noise generated during exercise, without affecting family members and neighbors downstairs.

A comfortable walking experience is like walking on a track

The walking platform uses a soft and comfortable EVA cushioning layer and a friction-reducing wear-resistant layer. The foot feels comfortable and elastic, cushioning, and protecting joints.

It’ll help you record the progress you can’t feel

It can be connected to the exclusive sports APP to synchronize various sports data in real-time, such as distance, speed, number of steps, calories burned, etc. The exercise data of this week, this month, and this year can be viewed at any time, and the data can be used to record the changes in your body.

Basic parameters:

  • Expanded size: 1449 × 558 × 117mm
  • Folded size: 855 × 528 × 145.5mm
  • Panel technology: IML
  • Display technology: LED 
  • Motor type: brush motor
  • Motor power: 0.75hp
  • Running belt specification: 415mm
  • Platform height: 69mm
  • Speed ​​range: 0.5~6km/h
  • Bearing capacity: 90kg
  • Net weight: 22kg
  • Gross weight: 25kg
  • The product includes: walking machine × 1, power cord × 1, remote control × 1, battery × 2, lanyard × 1, manual × 1

Packing List

Waterpik Aquarius® Professional Water Flosser


The advanced design of this compact professional model includes pulse-modulation technology for maximum plaque removal (Floss Mode) and enhanced gum stimulation for improved circulation (Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode). Available in designer colors with satin chrome accents.

Removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas and is up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss. This model comes with 7 flossing tips, 10 pressure settings, a convenient 1-minute timer with a 30-second pacer to ensure thorough water flossing of all areas, a water on/off button in the handle that allows for one handed operation, and a 3-year warranty.

Waterpik® is the #1 recommended water flosser brand, clinically proven and accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA).

Product Benefits

Effective Plaque Removal: Removes up to 99.9% of plaque from treated areas

Healthier Gums: Clinically proven up to 50% more effective for improving gum health vs. string floss

Ideal for Implants: Clinically proven up to 2X as effective for improving gum health around implants vs. string floss using the Plaque Seeker™ tip

Essential for Braces: Clinically proven up to 3X as effective for removing plaque around braces vs. string floss using the orthodontic tip

Removes plaque and debris deep between teeth and below the gumline where brushing and traditional flossing can’t reach

Leaves your mouth feeling incredibly fresh and clean

Great for people with implants, and those with crowns, bridges, and veneers

Product Features

  • Chrome accents
  • 7 tips for all your dental needs
  • Tip storage case
  • Advanced pressure control system with 10 settings
  • Reservoir capacity of 90+ seconds
  • On/off water control on handle
  • 2 Modes – Floss Mode and Hydro-Pulse Massage Mode
  • 1-minute timer with 30-second pacer
  • LED Mode Indicators
  • Compatible with 220V AC/60Hz outlets

How to Use the Waterpik® Aquarius Professional Water Flosser

The following video gives details on how to operate the Waterpik Aquarius water flosser.

The various Accessories Tips

Waterpik® Classic Jet Tip – JT-100E

For general use. Cleans deep between teeth and below the gumline. Clinically proven to be twice as effective as string floss for improving gum health.

Replace every 6 months. 2 color-coded Water Flosser replacement tips per package (color of tips may vary)

Waterpik® Classic Jet Tip – JT-100E

Waterpik® Orthodontic Tip – OD-100E

For orthodontic appliances and dental braces. Clinically proven to remove three times as much plaque as traditional string floss and significantly improve gum health for orthodontic patients.

The innovative tapered brush removes hard-to-reach plaque around orthodontic brackets and wires. It also helps flush out bacteria and food debris from around the teeth and under the gums.

Replace every 3 months. 2 colour-coded Water Flosser replacement tips per package (colour of tips may vary)

Waterpik® Orthodontic Tip – OD-100E

Waterpik® Pik Pocket® – PP-100E

For periodontal pockets and furcations. A soft rubber tip designed for gentle, low-pressure delivery of therapeutic rinses below the gumline. Clinically proven to access 90% of a 6mm pocket.

Replace every 3 months. 2 color-coded Water Flosser replacement tips per package (color of tips may vary)

Waterpik® Pik Pocket® – PP-100E

Waterpik® Plaque Seeker® – PS-100E

For implants, crowns, bridges, and other restorations. Clinically proven 2X as effective as string floss for implant patients, the Plaque Seeker™ Tip is designed to provide the benefits of pulsating water.

It has three thin tufts of bristles to access stubborn plaque around implants, crowns, bridges, veneers, and other areas that are especially susceptible to plaque accumulation.

Replace every 3 months. 2 color-coded Water Flosser replacement tips per package (color of tips may vary)

Waterpik® Plaque Seeker® – PS-100E

Waterpik® Water Flosser Toothbrush Tip – TB-100E

Stationary toothbrush tip allows water to pulsate through the brush to clean and rinse the tooth surface. Designed to let you brush and water floss at the same time. Use with or without toothpaste.

Replace every 3 months. 2 Water Flosser replacement tips per package

Waterpik® Water Flosser Toothbrush Tip – TB-100E

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser – Manual

Waterpik Aquarius Professional Water Flosser Manual

Oral-B iO Series Replacement Brush Heads

The Oral-B iO Series combines powerful, but gentle micro-vibrations with Oral-B’s unique dentist-inspired round brush head design for a professional clean feeling every day. Theer are 2 types of replacement brush heads

The Oral-B iO has a different design and build to most other Oral-B electric toothbrushes. As a result the brush heads on offer are different to. The basic ethos behind the brush heads are the same, small and round, but the fitting and brush head styles are slightly different.

Existing brush heads from Oral-B are not compatible with the iO and the iO brush heads do not fit to or work with other Oral-B toothbrushes.

Therefore, if you have an iO Series 7, 8 or 9 electric toothbrush then you will need to ensure the heads you buy are compatible.

A new design is somewhat frustrating for existing Oral-B electric toothbrush users, but there are some benefits too.

The 2 choices are:

a) Ultimate Clean Refills – help remove plaque, leaving teeth feeling clean and bright.

b) Gentle Care Refills – use extra soft bristles to adapt to the curves of teeth and gums.

To summarise, these are essentially the iO equivalents to the EB series of CrossAction and Sensi UltraThin that are our recommended choices.

Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean Replacement Brush Heads

The Oral-B iO Ultimate Clean Refill Brush Head has a design to reach deeper in between teeth for improved cleaning. It removes up to 100% more plaque for cleaner teeth and healthier gums than a regular manual toothbrush.

Oral-B iO Gentle Care Replacement Brush Heads

The Oral-B iO Gentle Care Refill Brush Head has 4000 filaments for a gentle and effective cleaning experience.

Comparing Chart between the 2 types of replacement brush heads

The following charts give comparisons between the 2 types of refills.

Oral-B iO Series

The Oral-B iO Series is a top of the line electric toothbrush and the price tag reflects this. It introduces significant enhancements in the overall mechanical design, noise and appearance compared to existing Oral-B toothbrushes.

The top models including a colour display in the handle and items like the pressure sensor, quick charging time and battery life all make the iO very appealing.

Series 7, 8 and 9

The iO Series is a name that is applied to a range of electric toothbrushes. Within that range are the Series 7, Series 8 and Series 9 electric toothbrushes, or iO7, iO8 and iO9.

The fundamental design, performance and features are almost the same amongst all 3 series.  The differences are pretty subtle. The differ by the cleaning modes available, handle colours, the box contents and the price tag are the main differentiators. That said, the 7 and 8 series do not have the 3D tracking available, while 7’s LED display is not color.

4 colours variety

There are 4 different colours among Series 7, 8 & 9, Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, Violet Ametrine & White Alabaster,

Graphical Emoji LED

At the end of a clean, you get an emoji style graphic. A smiley, sad face or even a starry eyed smile depending on the time and the pressure applied etc. It is a colour screen on the Series 9 and 8, but black and white on the Series 7.

When the brush is active, there is a timer shown on screen that ties in with the built-in pacer and a nice graphic of a circle that gradually turns blue as you complete the clean.


The magnetic drive system directs the cleaning energy to the bristle tips along with what is known as micro vibrations. This offers a really smooth and soft cleaning experience. It feels less jittery with a very consistent cleaning action.

Smart Pressure Sensor

The iO has a pressure sensor built-in, like many other models they offer.  But the configuration here is a little different.

With other Oral-B models the pressure sensor is constantly monitoring when too much pressure is applied.  With the iO, it is assessing for too much as well as not enough.  This is a ‘smart pressure sensor’.

By default the light from this sensor is white. You can actually customize the colour, to something you prefer via the app. This is lit white or your chosen colour when not enough pressure (low pressure) is being applied. 

A green light will be emitted from the LED ring when the right amount of pressure is applied and a red light when too much pressure is used.  

Changing Settings

You use the power and mode button to control functions. Through the screen you can switch between the cleaning modes and change key settings such as the language, colour of the LED ring and turn Bluetooth on or off. The display will show the battery life in 10% increments after the cleaning mode has finished.

3D Teeth Tracking (on Series 9 only)

Sensors in the iO actually track up to 16 zones within the mouth.  These zones are the front, top and back surface of the teeth on both the upper and lower jaw. This is all part of the 3D tracking and AI recognition system that is supposed to help us clean our teeth better each time we use it.

Power2Go Charging Travel Case (Series 9 Only)

Included with the Series 9 only is the Oral-B power2go travel case. Hinged on the left side, it is a hard plastic case that holds a single iO handle and a single brush head.  

You can also recharge the iO handle inside the case. To do this you must connect the provided power adapter.  There is no rechargeable battery in the case itself.  It takes about 6 hours to fully recharge inside the case. There is a flashing light on the outside of the case to indicate charging. This will turn off when the charge is complete.

Charging Time and Battery Life

Magnetic Drive System

The new magnetic charging stand that can charge the toothbrush in around 3 hours. This is much faster than the majority of electric toothbrushes. Most existing Oral-B brushes take 12-16 hours.

The Magnetic charger is circular in shape there is a very small convexed area in the middle that highlights where to line up the base of the brush handle. It fits into the convexed base of the iO’s handle.

It is perfectly safe to leave the brush handle on the charging stand and plugged in. Battery overcharging is prevented by the device.

It is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that is built inside the handle. The claimed battery life is for iO series on a full charge is 2+ weeks. With Oral-B this typically means 14-16 days.

Comparison chart between different models