Air Purifier

The following write-ups are for the benefits of buyers who had purchased or is considering buying the Mi Air purifiers and filters from us.

We had compiled an extensive series of articles for more detail info on the product features, supports and maintenance of the units, as well as background on the Air Purifiers, indoor pollution, and various types of filters.

a) All about Air Purifiers and Formaldehyde

b) All about Air pollution, Xiaomi air Purifiers and Filters

c) Xiaomi Air Purifiers comparisons 2s, 3, F1, Pro, Pro H and MAX

d) Mi Purifiers filter Replacements – comparisons

e) Mi Air Purifier – Troubleshooting

f) Mi Air Purifier – Maintenance the Sensor

g) Xiaomi Air Purifiers – Gen 1 and Gen 2 comparisons

h) All About Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Home App

All About China version and “Global Version” for Mi Products