Colgate Electric Toothbrush

Colgate released different categories of electric toothbrushes, some are battery powered, and some rechargeable batteries.

The following are the different electric toothbrushes available from Colgate:

a) Colgate ProClinical 150

b) Colgate ProClinical 250R

c) hum By Colgate Electric Toothbrush

d) Colgate children series

Colgate® Magik Toothbrush

Colgate believe that everyone deserves a future to smile about.  They also believe that brushing teeth should be fun.  Gamify your child’s brushing with Colgate’s NEW Augmented Reality brushing EXPERIENCE for kids ages 5-10.

Working together, the brush, Magik Connector and free Colgate Magik app can help your child learn good brushing habits to bring out their best smile.

Warning: Choking Hazard — Not Suitable for Kids under 3

Colgate Kids Minions

How to install App that are meant for other market?

Some of the Colgate electric and manual toothbrushes that uses Apps are ONLY released in the US market, these apps may only be available for download and install from the US Apple App Store or US Android PlayStore.

If you are from another country that do not have access to the US App stores, you can get around to download and install using the following alternatives.

How to install App that are meant for other market?