Philips Water Filter Jugs

Philips Water Filter Jugs – New AWP 28xx and AWP29xx Series with AWP21x filters

Clean drinking water made easy

Tap water in from the local water authorities is strictly regulated and should be amongst the cleanest around. Despite these high standards, there are good reasons to further filter the water in your home. In houses with old or corroded pipes, harmful foreign substances can pollute the tap water supply. Philips drinking water filters remove these substances – leaving you with an easy and reliable supply of safe drinking water. Enjoy clean and fresh drinking water!

The Philips water filter jugs have the following characteristics:

  • REDUCES HARMFUL SUBSTANCES – Micro X-Clean Fast flow filter technology reduces MICROPLASTIC, removes CHLORINE, LIMESCALE, HEAVY METALS, PFOA’s & other contaminants
  • Prolongs the lifetime of kitchen appliances by PREVENTING LIMESCALE BUILD-UP
  • GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – great-tasting water at a fraction of the cost and waste of bottled water; each Philips Micro X- Clean filter cartridge LASTS FOR UP TO 30 DAYS – 100 LITRES
  • By preventing dust from getting in through the water outlet, the DUST-PROOF SPROUT keeps the water fresh and clean

Setting Up and Maintenance

How to set up Philips Water Filter Cartridge

Philips Water Filter Jug User Guide

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(1) How Long does each filter last?
The recommended rated filter purification capacity is 100 litres, and based on 3 litres consumption daily, it will last a month. As there are accumulated contaminants in the filter over a period of time, Phlips recommend to change the filter cartridge every 30 days.

(2) How does the LED timer work?

(3) Why are there black particles in a new pack of filter cartridge?
These are the carbon powder that filter the water, this is normal. These particles are harmless and are washed off during the preparation process of a new filter, which Philips recommends to discard your first two jugs of filtered water. The contents of the cartridge are all food grade quality and completely harmless.

(4) Can you drink direct from these filtered water if filled direct from tap without boiling?
It will depends on your source of raw water, if your raw water is from your local town/city municipal water authority supplies, and that they have certified safe to drink from tap direct, then it would be safe to drink directly from. However, there could be isolated cases of contamination in your building’s piping system, e.g. rusting pipes, or water tank, you may need to check on that.

(5) Can we filter hot water?
Do not filter hot water above 38°C, as the jug is made from plastics. If you accidentally pour hot water into the pitcher, there will be a temporary odor in the filtered water. Do not put the product in a high temperature environment to avoid deformation of the product.

Philips AWP210 Micro X-Clean Replacement Filter Cartridge

Philips Micro X-clean filter with a 4-stage filtration process reduces microplastics, PFOA, limescale, chlorine, lead, pesticides, minerals, and any other harmful pesticides found in tap water. Thanks to advanced chlorine filtration, you will enjoy a better taste of the water and your favorite drinks and meals. Reduced limescale will help prolong the life of your appliances.
People turn to bottled water due to convenience or to address their concerns around taste and health. However, bottled water and associated single-use plastics have been contributing to an ever-increasing plastic pollution problem. It further exacerbates the level of water pollution and drives microplastic contamination of water supplies. Bottled water contains significant levels of microplastics, even surpassing levels found in tap water.
Selected Philips filter jugs and cartridges are compatible with Brita Perfect Fit and other oval-shaped cartridges.

Philips Water Filter Jugs – Series with WP28xx filters

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Philips WP3903 Replacement Filter Cartridge

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