Xiaomi Bluetooth Remote control – Pairing and sync

The following are the models that are supported

These boxes model are supported only

Use the following step to pair ans sync with your existing box

If you are not able to pair or sync on first try, your previous bluetooth remote may still be “paired” with the box, some boxes only allowed one bluetooth device to be paired at any one time.

It is very likely that you had lost your previous bluetooth remote, or the unit not working anymore.

If that’s the case, you may need to download the “MiTV Assistant” (投屏神器) to log in and remove the previous bluetooth, and to pair with the new bluetooth remote

after installing, you need to connect your existing box through the app, then select the box, and you should see the following “virtual remote control”, use this virtual remote control to navigate your TV Box, go to settings, bluetooth, and remove your existing remote control

After that, try to sync and pair your new remote control again

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