Unlock WalkingPad

Before you start, you need to know the following buttons on the Remote Control and and different modes on LED panel of Walking Pad.

Take note which is the “Standby Mode” on WalkingPad’s LED panel, and which one is the “Function Button” and “Mode Switching button” on remote control

Now let’s start the unlock of speed

(Step 1) Using the Function button on Remote control, let the WalkingPad’s mode be set at “M”, then simultaneous press both the “Standby Mode” button on the WalkingPad LED panel, and the “Function button” on the remote control, PRESS AT THE SAME TIME, until you hear a “beep” sound
(Step 2) Then press the “Mode Switching” button on the remote control, then you should be seeing something like ..0009, then MAXR on the LED panel, then the WalkingPad is in UNLOCK MAXIMUM speed mode
(Step 3) On the remote control, press the “+” button to increase the speed from current maximum to up to 10 km/h for R1, or 6km/h for A1 & A1 Pro

When the above is done, just switch off the WalkingPad, and on again, to see if the new maximum speed had been set

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