Configuring Lifesmart Superbowl

1) First download the LifeSmart app by scanning the QR code in the Chnese user manual, OR, use the following line to download

2) Smart the App, you’ll need to wait for while for the app to search the environment and after which you should see the following screen 

3) If you haven’t got a LifeSmart account, you can start creating one, remember, you’ll need an account to configure all your LifeSmart devices, and store all your configurations in their cloud

4) After that you can log in now

5) after login-in to the LifeSmart App, you can start adding devices to you profolio

6) Select “SPOT” if you want to add your superbowl

7) Select the correct model of SPOT, look at the bottom of your device for the right model to choose

8) To add the superbowl, you connect it to the micro-USB to power-up, and it will first glow white after a few seconds, and wait for another 60 seconds for it to turn green, then you can click “START” button on the app

9) To add, the SPOT need to be in AP (access Point) mode, acting as a router. To enter AP mode, you need to press the button next to the micro-USB port on the back, for 15 seconds and then release, wait for a while until it start blinking with red light

If this does not happen, repeat 7, 8 & 9

10) If there is red blinking light, press “Next”. You will first need to make SPOT the access point to connect to you home Wifi network. On your mobile phone’s wireless LAN, select “LifeSmartSAP” from the available network list, and get it connected

Then return to the LifeSmart App

11) Confirm your mobile phone is connected to the LifeSmart App

12) Select the Wifi access point you are using at home to access the Internet

13) Enter the WiFi password to get connected 

14) You had just added the SPOT superbowl to your list of LifeSmart devices 

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