Oral-B iO Series

The Oral-B iO Series is a top of the line electric toothbrush and the price tag reflects this. It introduces significant enhancements in the overall mechanical design, noise and appearance compared to existing Oral-B toothbrushes.

The top models including a colour display in the handle and items like the pressure sensor, quick charging time and battery life all make the iO very appealing.

Series 7, 8 and 9

The iO Series is a name that is applied to a range of electric toothbrushes. Within that range are the Series 7, Series 8 and Series 9 electric toothbrushes, or iO7, iO8 and iO9.

The fundamental design, performance and features are almost the same amongst all 3 series.  The differences are pretty subtle. The differ by the cleaning modes available, handle colours, the box contents and the price tag are the main differentiators. That said, the 7 and 8 series do not have the 3D tracking available, while 7’s LED display is not color.

4 colours variety

There are 4 different colours among Series 7, 8 & 9, Black Onyx, Rose Quartz, Violet Ametrine & White Alabaster,

Graphical Emoji LED

At the end of a clean, you get an emoji style graphic. A smiley, sad face or even a starry eyed smile depending on the time and the pressure applied etc. It is a colour screen on the Series 9 and 8, but black and white on the Series 7.

When the brush is active, there is a timer shown on screen that ties in with the built-in pacer and a nice graphic of a circle that gradually turns blue as you complete the clean.


The magnetic drive system directs the cleaning energy to the bristle tips along with what is known as micro vibrations. This offers a really smooth and soft cleaning experience. It feels less jittery with a very consistent cleaning action.

Smart Pressure Sensor

The iO has a pressure sensor built-in, like many other models they offer.  But the configuration here is a little different.

With other Oral-B models the pressure sensor is constantly monitoring when too much pressure is applied.  With the iO, it is assessing for too much as well as not enough.  This is a ‘smart pressure sensor’.

By default the light from this sensor is white. You can actually customize the colour, to something you prefer via the app. This is lit white or your chosen colour when not enough pressure (low pressure) is being applied. 

A green light will be emitted from the LED ring when the right amount of pressure is applied and a red light when too much pressure is used.  

Changing Settings

You use the power and mode button to control functions. Through the screen you can switch between the cleaning modes and change key settings such as the language, colour of the LED ring and turn Bluetooth on or off. The display will show the battery life in 10% increments after the cleaning mode has finished.

3D Teeth Tracking (on Series 9 only)

Sensors in the iO actually track up to 16 zones within the mouth.  These zones are the front, top and back surface of the teeth on both the upper and lower jaw. This is all part of the 3D tracking and AI recognition system that is supposed to help us clean our teeth better each time we use it.

Power2Go Charging Travel Case (Series 9 Only)

Included with the Series 9 only is the Oral-B power2go travel case. Hinged on the left side, it is a hard plastic case that holds a single iO handle and a single brush head.  

You can also recharge the iO handle inside the case. To do this you must connect the provided power adapter.  There is no rechargeable battery in the case itself.  It takes about 6 hours to fully recharge inside the case. There is a flashing light on the outside of the case to indicate charging. This will turn off when the charge is complete.

Charging Time and Battery Life

Magnetic Drive System

The new magnetic charging stand that can charge the toothbrush in around 3 hours. This is much faster than the majority of electric toothbrushes. Most existing Oral-B brushes take 12-16 hours.

The Magnetic charger is circular in shape there is a very small convexed area in the middle that highlights where to line up the base of the brush handle. It fits into the convexed base of the iO’s handle.

It is perfectly safe to leave the brush handle on the charging stand and plugged in. Battery overcharging is prevented by the device.

It is a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery that is built inside the handle. The claimed battery life is for iO series on a full charge is 2+ weeks. With Oral-B this typically means 14-16 days.

Comparison chart between different models

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