How do I know which Sonicare replacement brush head is compatible with my Sonicare Model?

Which brush head fits my Philips Sonicare Toothbrush?

If you are wondering which Philips Sonicare brush head is the right fit for your toothbrush handle, follow the guidelines below.

Finding Your Brush Handle’s Model Series

Philips have an extremely confusing naming of their Sonicare model numbers, e.g. the model number listed on the packaging maybe ProtectiveClean 5100 series HX6856/12, but by the time you want to know the model to order new replacement brush heads, you may had already throw away the packaging box, the model number you can find at the bottom of the brush handle is however, HX685J, which is very different from the actual model number of the Sonicare you had purchased.

As for the replacement brush head compatibility, most only give the model series of Sonicare, e.g. EasyClean, FlexCare etc. Therefore you will need to know what Sonicare series your Sonicare belong to.

How to find out the Sonicare series of my model?

a) By Googling
You can simple Google search by enter e.g. “Sonicare HX6568”, and the search results should contain the Sonicare series with the model number. E.g. “ProtectiveClean 5100 series xxx…”
and you will know your Sonicare series is ProtectiveClean.

b) By making reference to official
You can click on the link below and search for your product number on the list, and you will see what Sonicare series does the product belong to.

Where to find correct model number for your Sonicare toothbrush or airfloss?

Once you know your Sonicare series, you can easily know which replacement brush heads are compatible with your product.

The following range of Sonicare Replacement brush heads are compatible

With the exception of the E-Series, all of the replacement brush heads listed below feature Sonicare’s newer Click-On (snap-on) design. It’s this style that can be used universally with all of Sonicare’s toothbrush lines, with the exception of the PowerUp Battery and Essence.

  • 2 Series Plaque Defence
  • 3 Series Plaque Defence
  • 3 series Gum Care
  • DiamondClean / DiamondClean Smart
  • EasyClean
  • ExpertClean
  • Essence+
  • FelxCare / FlexCare Platinum / FlexCare Platinum Connected / FlexCare+
  • For Kids
  • HealthyWhite / HealthyWhite+
  • PowerUp
  • ProtectiveClean

Brush head and toothbrush handle guide

There are two types of Philips brush heads: Snap/Click on and Twist/Screw on. Below you will find details on the differences between these two types of brush heads.

  • The snap on or click on brush heads are compatible with most of the current rechargeable Sonicare Toothbrush handles. These will fit all Philips Sonicare toothbrush handles except for the PowerUp Battery and Essence model.
  • The twist on or screw on brush heads are Philips’ original and standard brush heads and are compatible with the old models of Philips toothbrushes. 

You can refer to Philips Sonicare brush head advisor page  choose which brush head is right for your toothbrush handle.

EXCEPTION: The Philips One toothbrush is only compatible with Philips One brush heads.

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