About KingSmith WalkingPad And Xiaomi

All WalkingPad models from A1, A1 Pro, P1, C1, and R1 are all manufactured by KingSmith Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2016, Beijing KingSmith Technology Co., Ltd joined the Xiaomi ecological chain system and became a member of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise, Starting with the WalkingPad brand.

The first 2 models released, A1 and A1 Pro, were included and operated under Xiaomi’s own Mijia / Mi Home App, where up to 600+ different smart devices are managed and controlled under the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise agreements.

Xiaomi made investments into hundreds of these Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise, KingSmith being one of them, and incorporate many of these products all under one roof and managed via their Mijia App.

Most of these products were marketed under Xiaomi’s Mijia brandings.

WalkingPad models released later, C1 and R1 were not included under the Mijia Xiaomi ecological chain system.

Instead, KingSmith developed their own App, and the newer models are now operating and managed under these new apps.

C1 is using WalkingPad App.

R1 and R1 Pro is using the KingSmith new KS Fit App.

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