KingSmith WalkingPad FAQs

WalkingPad Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum speed of the WalkingPad?
What’s the weight capacity of WalkingPad?

How to unlock the limit speed?

You can install the respective Apps for the WalkingPad models and go through the Novice Guide, after which, the speed limit will be unlocked. This design is use as a safety measures for new users

The WalkingPad speed can be unlocked automatically for new units after walking for 1 km.

Unlocking for A1 / A1 pro

Three modes: “Standby” “M mode” “A mode”, What do they stand for?

  1. “Standby” means sleep mode while not walking.
  2. “M” means modified speed.
  3. “A” means automatic speed, you can switch between the 3 modes with the remote controller.

What is the number of Walkingpad remote battery?

The battery type for remote of WalkingPad A1, A1 Pro, C1, R1 and R1 Pro is CR2032.
It’s removed from the shipment. If the battery run out of juice, please buy one from a local store before using it.

How to operate and pair the remote control?

When powering on the WalkingPad, press the mode switch button on remote control in 5 seconds, then it will be paired with your WalkingPad.

How to lubricate the belt?

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord.
  2. Lift up the belt and apply silicone oil provided by WalkingPad on the backside of the belt.
  3. Turn on the machine again, Keep the machine running under 4km/hr for 10-20 seconds.
  4. Only apply 5 ml- 10 ml lubricant oil each time, too much lubricant oil makes the belt become slipping.
  5. Apply walkingpad silicone oil once every 3 months.

How to adjust and align the belt?

Press and hold both mode switch button and acceleration button on the remote control for 3 seconds.

  • Front panel shows ‘CALI’ and the speed is 4km/hr (2.5ml/hr)
  • If belt deviates to the left: Turn the left adjusting screw for a half-circle clockwise.
  • If belt deviates to the right: Turn the right adjusting screw for a half-circle clockwise.
  • If belt is slipping: Turn both left and right adjusting screw for a half-circle clockwise at same time
  • Keep the machine running for 1-2 minutes and check whether it needs to readjust.

What does the error codes on the LED panel means?

The electronics of the equipment continuously carries out tests.
In case of deviations, an error code appears on the display and normal operation is stopped for your safety.

  • E01: Drive failure
  • E02: Motor abnormalities
  • E05: Power overload
  • E06: Motor overload protection
  • E08: Sensor error
  • E10: Temperature to high
  • E11: Overload current protection

The device can’t connect to the app, the device WIFI flashes fast.

If the Wi-Fi light flashes fast or can’t find the device and the network timed out. Please follow this method:

  1. Press the big button on the right side of the device
  2. Wait 3 seconds
  3. Press the big button again.
  4. At this time, the Wi-Fi light becomes slower and then restarts.

What should I do if the device has an abnormal noise?

  1. If a slamming noise, you may place a treadmill mat under the WalkingPad.
  2. If Motor carbon brush whistling (very sharp metal whistling sound), front/rear drum abnormal sound. If this situation continues for a couple of days, please contact your support for maintenance.
  3. If the motor cover grinding to the walking belt: magnetic friction sound, please contact our support for maintenance.
  4. If other abnormal sounds, it needs to be judged and processed according to a detail description or video attachment, please report to our support.

About KingSmith WalkingPad And Xiaomi

All WalkingPad models from A1, A1 Pro, P1, C1, and R1 are all manufactured by KingSmith Technology Co., Ltd.

In 2016, Beijing KingSmith Technology Co., Ltd joined the Xiaomi ecological chain system and became a member of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise, Starting with the WalkingPad brand.

The first 2 models released, A1 and A1 Pro, were included and operated under Xiaomi’s own Mijia / Mi Home App, where up to 600+ different smart devices are managed and controlled under the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise agreements.

Xiaomi made investments into hundreds of these Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise, KingSmith being one of them, and incorporate many of these products all under one roof and managed via their Mijia App.

Most of these products were marketed under Xiaomi’s Mijia brandings.

WalkingPad models released later, C1 and R1 were not included under the Mijia Xiaomi ecological chain system.

Instead, KingSmith developed their own App, and the newer models are now operating and managed under these new apps.

C1 is using WalkingPad App.

R1 and R1 Pro is using the KingSmith new KS Fit App.

KingSmith WalkingPad – an intelligent foldable compact treadmills controlled by Apps

The WalkingPad supports synchronization with the Mijia application. It integrates into a “smart home” system, and can simultaneously be seen on Xiaomi TV during the workout. After training, the WalkingPad can be folded in half and slid under the sofa. The thickness of the track in the folded condition is only 12.9 cm, there is a wheel for easy and convenient transportation so you really don’t have to worry much about how to convey the walking Pad to its storage point.

KingSmith C1 – The Compact unit

KingSmith WalkingPad C1

KingSmith WalkingPad A1 & A1 pro

KingSmith WalkingPad A1 & A1 pro

KingSmith WalkingPad R1 Pro – The premium Model

KingSmith R1 Pro

Which model suit my need?

Comparing WalkingPad A1 Pro, C1, R1 and R1 Pro

Reviewing KingSmith WalkingPad C1

Reviewing KingSmith WalkingPad A1 & A1 Pro

Reviewing KingSmith WalkingPad R1 and R1 Pro

Comparing WalkingPad A1 Pro, C1, R1 and R1 PRO

Treadmill for Home 

KingSmith’s WalkingPad compact treadmill is perfect for home use. When the weather condition or air quality is poor outside, or you just don’t feel like going to the gym, a compact treadmill can save you from the guilty of sitting around at home. Wherever you live or however large your house is, a compact treadmill can be folded and put under the sofa or bed. You can walk, jog, or run while watching TV. It is also suitable for children and senior citizens. WalkingPad makes sports easier and achievable.

The WalkingPad is a compact treadmills product launched by Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise. Because of its small size and good performance, the “walking board” can be fully folded and is very compact, and can be store easily under sofa, bed or cabinets.

The differences between various models

What are the differences between the few models? The following comparison chart gives an overview, follow by our comparison on some of the major features.

App use

A1 & A1 Pro is using Xiaomi’s Mijia App to manage the walking machine, being part of the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise, the Mijia app can control over a hundred different type of devices specially selected for the Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise family

C1 is using WalkingPad’s own developed App, WalkingPad, and can manage only their own devices. The WalkingPad App is only in English and Chinese interface, while MiJia App is multi-language.

R1 & R1 PRO is using Kingsmith’s own KS Fit, which is a much better App than the WalkingPad App, with the latest course library design, a predefined exercise library where you can download and use.

Body build and shell design.

A1 Pro, R1 & and R1 PRO is build with integrated aluminium alloy, with an IML injection molding, which gives it a more premium product look. As for C1, it is assembled body built and shell cover is build from plastic.

Running Board

A1’s running board is built with high-density fibreboard while C1’s board is build from aluminium alloy, the R1 and R1 PRO’s board is padded with additional EVA soft layer, on top of the fibreboard.

Different appearance

Although the walking boards of the A1 and C1 can be folded, the appearance of the two is quite different.

The WalkingPad A1 is silver-gray in color, and A1 Pro is black, and the “walking” shape is more streamline and looks more stable.

The appearance of Walkingpad C1 is white. The front, middle and rear sides of the “walking platform” have protruding areas, which seem not that streamline.

R1 and R1 PRO’s walking board is wider than the rest.

WalkingPad R1 & R1 PRO

Different body parameters

The size of the Walkingpad C1 walking machine is 1449 (L) 528 (W) * 114 (H), the walking belt area (walking area) is 1200 (L) * 400 (W); C1 rated power is 588W, the speed range is 0.5km/h – 6km/h; the net weight of the product is 22kg, and the maximum load is 90kg (Note:first generation of C1 supported up to 110kg, but Kingsmith had since reduced the specs to 90kg).

Compared with the two, the walking area of the Walkingpad C1 walking machine is slightly narrower, the motor power is also reduced a lot, the net weight of the body is also lighter, but it does not affect the maximum speed of the walking machine, and the bearing capacity is stronger. Some more, the performance is almost the same as the Walkingpad A1 walking machine.

The size of the Walkingpad R1 & R1 PRO walking machine is 1500 (L) 720 (W) * 90 (H), the walking belt area (walking area) is 1200 (L) * 440 (W); the widest among the 4 models. R1 rated power is 918W, or 1.5HP, the strongest among the 4 models. The speed range is 0.5km/h – 10km/h*; the net weight of the product is 33kg, and the maximum load is 110kg.

For R1 & R1 PRO, when the Armrest/handrail is horizontal, it will be in Running Mode, and speed can be up to 10KM/h, but it will only be in manual “M” mode, and speed control is via the Remote Control or App.

When the armrest/handrail is horizontal, the speed limit will be capped at 6 km/h, and can operate in both “M” and “A” modes.


A1, A1 Pro and C1 all need to be stored horizontally, under the sofa, table or bed. But R1 & R1 PRO can be stored vertically, and only take up 0.2 m ³

Different data display methods

The Walkingpad A1 & R1 can display the current status (manual, automatic or standby mode), exercise time and other information in front of the machine head, making it more convenient and intuitive to use.

There is only one indicator light on the head of the Walkingpad C1 walking machine. The current state and movement time display function of the walking machine is designed on the remote control. To understand the movement time, the remote control should be held in the hand at all times. Inconvenience.

Which is better?

From the above comparison, the main difference between the two is the appearance, running belt width and load-bearing capacity, and other properties are basically the same (or have little effect on walking). Therefore, the Walkingpad C1 is more cost-effective and can be used by more heavy-duty athletes without paying attention to the appearance.

If you prefer a calm, atmospheric appearance, the WalkingPad A1 PRO is also good, although the price is a little more more expensive, but the running belt is wider and more comfortable to use; in addition, the driving power of the Walkingpad A1 is larger, and the load of the motor during operation is smaller. More durable.

The highest range R1 & R1 PRO is the best, as it offer both walking and running modes, and with speed up to 10 km/h. It also comes with a handrail build-in.

Improvements on A1 Pro over A1

A1 Pro can add on an optional Foldable Armrest
New brushless motor for A1 Pro

What’s the big differences between WalkingPad R1 and WalkingPad A1?

The big differences between R1 Pro and A1 are as below:

  • Speed limit: WalkingPad R1 Pro – 10km/h ; WalkingPad A1 – 6km/h
  • Weight capacity: WalkingPad R1 Pro – 110kg/242lbs ; WalkingPad A1 – 100kg/220lbs
  • Handrail: The WalkingPad R1 Pro has one, but the WalkingPad A1 doesn’t.
  • Safety key: The WalkingPadR1 Pro has one for running, but the WalkingPad A1 doesn’t.