Panasonic ES-R10 Men’s Compact Travel Shaver

Product Variety

The Panasonic ES-RS10 is a shaver intended for the Japanese domestic market and comes in three color variations:

  • ES-RS10-S (Silver);
  • ES-RS10-R (Red);
  • ES-RS10-A (Blue).

The Panasonic ES-RS10 is a very basic electric shaver, featuring a single cutting element.

The shaving assembly is comprised of an inner blade and an outer foil. The blade has a simple a design and doesn’t feature Panasonic’s 30 degrees bevel found on the more expensive models.

The foil can be depressed though (Panasonic calls it a floating foil), which can help with reducing irritation and allows the foil to remain in contact with the skin.

Battery powered

The ES-RS10 is powered by two AA batteries which is pretty common among travel electric razors. The batteries are not included in the box

The shaver comes in a very tiny box and includes the following items:

  • Protective plastic cap
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instructions leaflet

Unfortunately the instructions are in Japanese and you won’t find them in other languages, not even on Panasonic’s website.

We found a copy of Manual in English, which is available below

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