All About Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Home App (Mijia)

Note : All features, descriptions and screen captured for this write-ups are accurate at the time of writing, but are subjected to changes due to the high pace of App changes and new devices being added, some features may no longer work, or some newly added. Some App interface may also change

Mi Home Mijia App

About the App
Mi Smart Home app is your home intelligent hardware management platform. You can interact your Smart Phone with all the Xiaomi smart hardware and achieve inter-operability between them, and experience the convenience of intelligent life.

Mi Smart home Apps currently can manage over 300+ Mi Ecosystem products, including the following Xiaomi products : Mi Air purifier Gen 1, 2, 2s, 3, PRO & MAX, Water Purifier, MiWiFi routers, Master Remote controller, MiTV, all versions of MiBoxes,  Mi Robot vacuum, WalkingPad A1, Sport shoes, Mi Smart Home Kits, Yi IP Cam, Yeelight LED Bulb, Smart Plug, Power Strip Panel, Internet Radio, Midea Air Conditioner, Aux Air conditioner, Junxing Air Conditioner and Philips Eyecare Lamp.

All the devices and settings are currently store on Mi Clouds, where you can easily backup and retrieve. Simply sign-in to the Mi Cloud with your Mi Account on a mobile phones, and all the saved configurations and settings are all retrieved on the new Smart Phones. 

Installing and Setting Up Mijia App

If you do not already have a Mi account, you need to create and register one, follow the 3 steps as shown in screens above. Please remember to check your email to activate the Mi account before you can use. Please remember to select “China” as country/region so that you can detect the devices that are only available in China.

1) Selecting your Hosting country / region

In the past, Xiaomi only provide their Cloud hostings in China and users of the Mi Smart Home App outside China regularly facing “time-out” or “connection problems” whenever they are registering for new devices under the App. This is mostly due to the great China Firewall or DNS settings in local ISPs.

Starting from 2016, Xiaomi had added more cloud locations for some of their major markets outside China, these locations include Singapore, Taiwan and India. You can now decide where to host your Smart Home App, where all your settings and configurations will be back up ONLY* to the cloud location that you had selected. If you switch region, you will not be able to retrieve all your previous settings from the previous region’s cloud storage.

To choose the Mi Cloud location, you must logout first, then select the location, and log in again.

* Please note, your settings will only be saved on the cloud servers that you had selected, i.e if you initially select your location as Chinese Mainland, if you later log in and select Singapore, your settings will not be available as they are never saved on Singapore servers.

Please Note:
Note : At the time of this writing, not all regions support all devices released from Xiaomi, if you are buying products only available in China market, you’ll probably still need to select Chinese mainland as the region. But due to the unpredictable China firewall, sometimes you may not be able to register and save your configuration & settings on Mi Cloud during the initial setup.

It is best to select China as the Region, as all devices released under Xiaomi Eco System can all be added to your Mijia, and only a handful are released outside China. IF you are die-hard fans of Xiaomi new devices, would be better to choose China as region, otherwise you will face problem in connecting these devices during the setting up.

What is the minimum Android and iOS version supported for this app?

At the time of this write-up the minimum version of the major two mobile OS supported are as follow:

      Android – 4.0 and above
IOS – 7.0 and above

But with the increasing addition of new Smart devices under Xiaomi’s Mi Ecosystem product series, the Apps are continuously being updated by Xiaomi, whether they will withdraw support for certain older OS, we do not know.

Where to get and install the Mi Smart Home App?

You can access the latest version of the App at the official App site –, which is only available in Chinese interface, or download them by scanning the QR code below.

You can also get them from the respective official app stores.

** Please make sure you are downloading ONLY the official Apps and not from third party sources.

Setting up using Mijia App – Adding device

In the video below, a bit outdated on the App interface, you can look at how to install new devices in the Mi Home (Mijia) APP. The Mi home app supports a large number of Bluetooth- and Wifi- enabled devices from Xiaomi’s rapidly growing Mijia ecosystem

Further info
You can also visit their official Forum site for latest discussion and releases for Mi Smart Home App, but this site is only available in Chinese