Setting up WalkingPad A1 & A1 Pro

Installing Mijia / Mi Home App
WalkingPad A1 & A1 Pro is part of the Xiaomi Eco system family group of managed devices, if you have not install Mijia app prior to this, you may want to install the Mijia app first before continuing with the Setting up of the WalkingPad A1 & A1 pro

See – All About Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Home App (Mijia)

Installing and setting up the WalkingPad A1 & A1 pro under Mijia App

Note 1: you must already have the Mijia App installed and log in with your Mi Account before you can proceed with setting up the WalkingPad below

Note 2: The following is done with screen captures from IOS version of Mijia App, the Android version may differs slightly. Screen captures are done in August 2019, and may differ in future versions of Mijia App.

Click on the “+” icon on right hand top corner to add device, and a list of devices will be listed, you can search the device that you want to add, e.g. “purifier” or “WalkingPad”, then click on the correct device to add
Once WalkingPad is selected, you will need to set the WalkingPad in standby mode by pressing the right mode button for more than 2s until the WiFi indicator blinks, only then will the Mijia App be able to detect the WalkingPad, and pair with the App
Remember to click “Operation Confirm” and “Next” button once the WalkingPad is detected by the app.

Troubleshooting and technical background of setting up
Technically the Mijia app will use bluetooth to detect the WalkingPad during the initial setting up while the WalkingPad is on Stand-by mode, with the WiFi icon blinking after u press the Right mode button on the WalkingPad.

Once detected the device, the App will grab an IP from the 2.4GHz wifi network, if the router is set-up as DHCP, and assign the IP to the WalkingPad, and update this setup back to the Mi Clouds, if there are firewall setup on the router, or the router setup being non-DHCP, it can’t assign an IP to the walkingPad, this may have cause the non connection.

After setting up, no bluetooth connection is needed anymore. And all communications between the App and WalkingPad is via the Wifi network, this including using the App as a virtual Remote Control, updating all your activities on the WalkingPad into Mi Clouds, for data analysis, and storage.

During setting up, please make sure you have:
a) Your phone’s bluetooth on;
b) Select China as Country/Region on App;
c) Connect only to 2.4GHz WiFi network;

The app will obtain an unused IP from the router and assign to the WalkingPad, so that it will be connected to the same WiFi network for continuing control communication from the App to the walkingPad, excessive restrictions on network security like non-DHCP, firewalls or all IP range on router all fully utilised may result in WalkingPad not able to be assigned an IP and resulted in connection failure.

Going Through the Novice Guide to unlock the WalkingPad.
The new WalkingPad is in learner mode when newly open, and will cap the maximum speed to just 3km/h walking speed. You will need to use the Mijia App to connect and go through the Novice Guide, for a learner’s step-by-step guide on proper usage of the device, before the full features can be unlocked. Afterwhich you can set walking speed higher than 3km/h, plus using the mode advance “Auto mode”.

If everything is ok, and you are able to detect the WalkingPad, you will start the Novice Guide as follow:

a) Manual Mode

Overview of the Walking Pad and Remote control keys , and start walking at 3km/h speed for a minute.
Use the remote control key to increase the speed to 4km/h

b) Auto Mode

Here you will go through the auto mode 3 times by stepping on the top part of the walking belt to increase speed and bottom part of the belt to reduce speed, then complete the “Auto Mode” training.

c) Changing Modes

You will learn how to switch modes

d) Other Settings, complete nocive guide and unlock features

The final steps is showing you the other settings of the Mijia App, where you can further customise your own settings, after which you will complete the Novice Guide and full UNLOCK the speed and features of the WalkingPad

e) Additional Settings
There are other settings that you can customise with the WalkingPad, the following are the few samples:

You can set your Goal and Preference.

You can also set the walking machine in the Mijia APP, including the maximum speed of the walking machine, the starting speed of the fixed speed mode, the start and stop mode, and the automatic mode sensitivity. By setting the walking machine mode, the user can also be safer in use.
Calibrating the walking belt
Additional settings, security settings & FAQs
All the stats for using the WalkingPad
Upgrading firmware

KingSmith WalkingPad – an intelligent foldable compact treadmills controlled by Apps

The WalkingPad supports synchronization with the Mijia application. It integrates into a “smart home” system, and can simultaneously be seen on Xiaomi TV during the workout. After training, the WalkingPad can be folded in half and slid under the sofa. The thickness of the track in the folded condition is only 12.9 cm, there is a wheel for easy and convenient transportation so you really don’t have to worry much about how to convey the walking Pad to its storage point.

KingSmith C1 – The Compact unit

KingSmith WalkingPad C1

KingSmith WalkingPad A1 & A1 pro

KingSmith WalkingPad A1 & A1 pro

KingSmith WalkingPad R1 Pro – The premium Model

KingSmith R1 Pro

Which model suit my need?

Comparing WalkingPad A1 Pro, C1, R1 and R1 Pro

Reviewing KingSmith WalkingPad C1

Reviewing KingSmith WalkingPad A1 & A1 Pro

Reviewing KingSmith WalkingPad R1 and R1 Pro

Mi Air Purifier – Troubleshoot

Cannot Connect the Phone to Air Purifier – Troubleshoot

A number of users’ feedback had reported that they cannot connect the Mi air purifier to the network, making them unable to control the Air Purifier using the smartphone or could not bind the mobile APP Mijia with the Air purifier, and other issues.We will troubleshoot such problems from 3 major sources, the phone, the network (router end) and the air purifier.

Note – For first time setting up

  • Please choose “China” as connection region in the App settings.
  • Connect only to 2.4GHz Wifi network, not 5GHz Wifi

a) The Phone

i) Check to see if the phone is connected to your Home / Office network

ii) Check to see if certain privileges may be disable for the “Mi Home” or Mijia APP on your phone settings;

b) The Network (Router End)

i) While Mi air purifier supports most routers, but it only supports 2.4GHz WiFi, not 5GHz;

ii) The WiFi encryption must be WPA or WPA2 (without encryption can also be connected, but not recommended for security reasons), it does not support WEP and EAP 802.1x authentication;

iii) Failure to support the needs of the page authenticated network, for example: CMCC, ChinaUnicom other public networks;

iv) Some routers may not be able to connected, so far identified router models are : TP-LINK WDR6300 (unless set up to use only 802.11b), TP-LINK WR880N (shutting down WMM may resolves);

v) Routers with advanced features set-up. like hidden SSID, disabled QOS, non DHCP settings where you need to set a static IP manually, or the router settings that requires MAC address binding may all result in not able to connect the Air Purifier to the network;

vi) Close all router wireless control for blacklists;

vii) The company intranet which had disabled port 80 or UDP may lead to not work properly with the air purifier;

viii) Does not work if you are connecting to portable USB routers;

c) The Air Purifier

Air Purifier may had been configured previously to connect to another network, or is currently connected to other network, please reset the Air Purifier WiFi settings by pressing the “Operating Mode Choice” and “Switching of Indicator” button simultaneously and hold them for 5 seconds. After you hear the beeps sound, WiFi settings is reset.

Other Commonly encountered problems

Problem 1
Mijia App displayed error message when trying to connect to the Air purifier

“No available WiFi, please check if appropriate permissions had been restricted

Resolution 1
Under phone’s settings, enter the “Security Center” >> “Authorization Management” >> “Application Rights Management”, open the “smart home” network-related rights, and locate permission. (Note: settings may be slightly different with different OS and model of phones)

Problem 2
Mijia APP showing “Network connection is unavailable” message, as shown in picture

Resolution 2
Open the phone’s WiFi or data network and then try and make sure the network, or other similar software does not disable the “Mijia” APP network connection.

Problem 3
When Mijia app trying to connect to air purifier, APP showing  “Connection Failed” and the purifier cannot be bind, WiFi status indicator is flashing slowly.

Resolution 3

a) when connecting to WiFi, make sure password entered is correct;

b) Whether router is connected to Internet

c) Whether routers is using a WEP or EAP 802.1x encryption, as they are not supported, please replace with WPA / WPA2 authentication and try again;

d) Currently does not support the EAP 802.1x authentication network or public WiFi network that requires web authentication on landing page;

e) Whether router is configured with hidden SSID, disabled DHCP and requires a manually assigned static IP, MAC address binding and other advanced features, making it impossible to connect, try to turn on / off the relevant function and try again;

f) whether the router is connected to a device that may had slowed down the network or router, try to restart the router and try again;g) Some of the routers may not be supported, such as: TP-LINK WDR6300 (try setting up using only 802.11b), TP-LINK WR880N (disable WMM may resolve problem), wait for a new version of the Mi Home APP and try again after the app update, you  may need to try other routers temporarily in order to use the air purifier;

g) If all of the above still cannot solve the problem, try doing a factory reset of the Air Purifer by pressing the “Operating Mode Choice” and “Switching of Indicator” button simultaneously and hold them for 5 seconds. After you hear the beeps sound, WiFi settings is reset.

Problem 4
Under the Mi Home APP, the purifier is show “offline”, but the WiFi indicator on air purifier is flashing quickly

Resolution 4
a) Whether the router that the purifier is connected is working properly, OR whether the SSID connection password had been modified; 

b) Try to reset the purifier WiFi module (see step 3h above), and try to re-connect the App to the air purifier again, 

Problem 5
Under the Mi Home APP, the purifier is show “offline”, but the WiFi indicator on air purifier is always on

Resolution 5
a) Check the phone network is normal, whether you can connect to the network;

b) The network where the air purifier and hand phone connected is working properly;

c) Whether the router had blocked port 80 or disabled UDP;

d) Try to reset the purifier WiFi module (see step 3h above), and try to re-connect the App to the air purifier again, 

3. The different WiFi indicator for air purifier

a) Slow flashing (approximately flashing once every 0.8 seconds): Purifier had never been connected to the router, 

b) Flashing quickly (approximately flashing every 0.2 seconds): The air purifier is binded to the Mi Home app, the air purifier is in the process of connecting to a corresponding network, if the network has a fault, the quick flashing will remain; 

c) Steady : purifier is connected to a network.

Xiaomi Air Purifier demo and setting up