Purchasing reference for Linbell G2, plus installation

Special purchase reference

The Linbell G2 series of doorbell has a very unique feature, it can be configured with different numbers of transmitters and receivers, depending on the requirements of deployments.

For buyer’s convenience, all doorbell set had already been coded out of the box when shipped, which means it is ready to be used. Coding is necessary when adding or replacing the transmitter. Through coding, one transmitter can control from one to several receivers, or several transmitters can control one receiver.

The followings are one transmitter configured with one to multiple receivers, up to a maximum of 4 receivers.

One : one –  for less than 1,600 square feet apartment

One : two –  for more than 1,600 square feet, two floors or other large units

One : three –  for more than 1,600 square feet, three floors or requires receives install in rooms

One : four –  for more than 1,600 square feet, multiple floors or requires receives install in multi rooms

The followings are multiple transmitters configured with one the same receiver:

Two : one – for special unit with two doors or entrance

Two : Two – for special unit with two doors and multi floors

Installation Guide

You can add or remove any new components anytime later, by pairing it to any existing Linbell transmitter(s) / receiver(s), the following are the adding / deleting codes.

If your existing transmitter is already fitted onto the wall, just mount the new receivers on an extension cord and bring it near the mounted transmitter for pairing.

Product Specifications