Linbell G2 – Wireless Door Bell review

We all should be very familiar with doorbells, especially multi-storey buildings, which are rarely without doorbells. Technology is changing rapidly now, and the doorbell will continue to live in our daily lives, although there are other high-tech products, but they often remain complex in settings, and requires all aspects of a workable network, so a simple and practical solution will always save the day. 

The market has a variety of doorbell products, for low cost doorbell, it may not last longer than a month, for a better quality doorbell, the battery may not last that long without replacement, if we do not replace the battery, corrosion may occurs and may damage the doorbell. Battery disposal will also be harmful to the environment.

Main Technologies

Linbell G2 self-power new generation wireless doorbell requires no battery, using the pressing of button to convert kinetic energy into electrical energy, to achieve the self-generating power. For installation, it requires no wiring as in the traditional doorbell, as it operates on a wireless transmission, with up to 100 metres distance, and if configured with 3 relays, it can reach a maximum of 300 metres*.

Linbell G2 has solved the dead battery problem for traditional doorbell, by using a self-generating power design, without any battery required. The self-generating power is achieved by pressing the transmitter, which has a patented built-in energy harvesting technology called “Worm Micro energy generator”, which only requires 350g of pressing pressure, and had significantly reduced the pressing force required to generate the power to send the signal to the receiver.

Every tiny innovation is the result of numerous and repeated trials in over a thousand times of calculations, in the process of designing and manufacturing, a lot of tests are being done to find out the most suitable number of pressure in the button, which now Linbell guarantee 200,000 pressing commitments.

After receiving signal, the receiver emmits sound and small LED light hint. Originally used in mobile phone, the product has an inside hidden luminous Led. The transmission distance between the transmitter and receiver is 100 metres, but the receiver has 3 replay functions, so the transmission distance can be extended to 300 metres*  

* Depending on the numbers of walls in between, which may weaken the signal slightly, depending on material of walls.

The lightweight doorbell is also water proof, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation for the transmitter. In order to meet the requirements of different people, it also offer four level adjustable volume, and had 38 music tunes for selection, to solve traditional boring “ding-dong” sound.

Different combinations of Transmitter and Receivers

Variations of usage

Apart from being deployed as door bell, Linbell G2 can also be used as beepers and deployed as patient calling device in hospital, senior citizen calling device, pregnant calling device at home, and even as wake up music alarm for you children in the morning.



Packaging with brown paper packaging, after removing the outer cover, two doorbell is unfolding before us, a receiver and a transmitter, with circular design in pure white, giving a elegant modern look.

For the accessories, it comes with a manual, fixing screws, 3M double-tape, and “Please ring the doorbell” stickers in Chinese.

Linbell G2 self-generation wireless doorbell receiver.

Linbell G2 self-generation wireless doorbell consist of 2 devices, the receiver and the transmitter respectively, the picture above is the receiver, with a circular design, in white color. It is made of fireproof PC material, with a small round lobe at the lower end as indicator light, when someone presses the doorbell, there will be blue flashing lights and sound of doorbell tune selected.

The receiver comes in diameter of 37mm with thickness of 20mm, slightly larger if compared to the traditional doorbell, but this make it easier to locate the doorbell position. There are two buttons at the side, function both as volume keys and music tune selection. There are 4 adjustable volume for selection, which can be adjusted according to the immediate needs of the volume, the music tunes also solve the relatively boring “ding-dong” sound, with 38 selectable musical tunes.

The receiver comes in international 2-pin socket, with common voltage of 220V, the speaker is located below two interpolation, with a raised design, so that the speaker sound is not obstructed when we inserted the receiver into the wall power socket.

Linbell G2 self-generation wireless doorbell transmitter end

The transmitter uses the same circular white design, with the front added an LED blue light that will lit in blue light when we pressed. This is a consistent design with small and exquisite shape.

When the transmitter button is pressed, the pressing kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy, to achieve self-generating power, where no batteries are required to achieve a permanent use. The pressing force is just 350g, which is enough to achieve self-generating power, and directly transmitted to the receiver end. The receiving distance is pretty wide range, with up to 100 meters wireless range.

Installation Reminders

The doorbell transmitter is not recommended to be fit on metal door, if you want to have better wireless strength, choose the wooden doors, in order to maximize the wireless range.

The accompanied 3M double-tape adhesive can be directly attached to the transmitter, using the 3M adhesive can ensure a solid paste on the wall, you can tear off without leaving adhesive residue.

Installation is particularly convenient, just plug the receiver directly into the power outlet, and the transmitter with 3M stickers affixed to the door, up to 100 meters, in the actual test, the distance can go about 80 meters without any delay and the response of the wireless receiver is still relatively stable.

Overall, it takes a relatively simple way to install and use, the plug and play, without complex operation that is to be completed to support the 100 m long distance wireless.

Watch the following Linbell G2 video to know more about the design of the product

Selectable 38 Music Tunes

You can select any of the 38 built-in music tunes and the default doorbell sound, sample of the 38 tunes can be listened from the video below, to select, simply press the “down” button on the receiver.

Purchasing reference for Linbell G2, plus installation

Special purchase reference

The Linbell G2 series of doorbell has a very unique feature, it can be configured with different numbers of transmitters and receivers, depending on the requirements of deployments.

For buyer’s convenience, all doorbell set had already been coded out of the box when shipped, which means it is ready to be used. Coding is necessary when adding or replacing the transmitter. Through coding, one transmitter can control from one to several receivers, or several transmitters can control one receiver.

The followings are one transmitter configured with one to multiple receivers, up to a maximum of 4 receivers.

One : one –  for less than 1,600 square feet apartment

One : two –  for more than 1,600 square feet, two floors or other large units

One : three –  for more than 1,600 square feet, three floors or requires receives install in rooms

One : four –  for more than 1,600 square feet, multiple floors or requires receives install in multi rooms

The followings are multiple transmitters configured with one the same receiver:

Two : one – for special unit with two doors or entrance

Two : Two – for special unit with two doors and multi floors

Installation Guide

You can add or remove any new components anytime later, by pairing it to any existing Linbell transmitter(s) / receiver(s), the following are the adding / deleting codes.

If your existing transmitter is already fitted onto the wall, just mount the new receivers on an extension cord and bring it near the mounted transmitter for pairing.

Product Specifications