AWP3600 with Replacement filter AWP302

Product Features

• Efficient dechlorination 99%
• Kitchen and bathroom
• Easy to disassemble
• 1,000L large capacity purification
• Retain beneficial mineral elements in water

Product Description

  • 40 mesh stainless steel, primary filter
    Preliminarily filter out impurities such as large particles of sediment in the water
  • Imported natural coconut shell activated carbon
    Efficiently filter out residual chlorine in water and absorb different colors and odors
  • Food grade, ABS material
    Selected food grade materials to avoid secondary pollution
  • Water purification mode 5~38 water temperature
    Suitable for: cooking, boiling water, washing vegetables, washing face
  • Raw water mode below 65℃ water temperature
    Suitable for: washing dishes, washing hands, watering flowers

Product Specifications

Product name: Philips Faucet Water Purifier
Environmental relative humidity: ≤90% (at 25°C)
Product model: AWP3600
Inlet water temperature: 5~38°C
Influent water source: municipal tap water
Inlet water pressure: 0.15~0.35Mpa
Actual total water purification: 1000L3
Water flow rate: greater than or equal to 2L/min2
Filter element model: AWP302
Filter element material: coconut shell granular activated carbon
Effluent water quality: in line with the requirements of “Sanitary Safety and Functional Evaluation Specifications for Drinking Water Water Quality Processors-General Water Quality Processors” (2001).

Package List

Original Philips Water Purifier*1
Faucet installation adapter pack*1
Multi-function connector*1
Labor-saving key*1

Additional filter AWP302

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