Setting up WalkingPad R1 / R1 Pro

The Setting up steps of both the WalkingPad R1 and R1 Pro are the same. The only difference is the setting up of their KS Fit App, where R1, being the China domestic market version, will require a China mobile number to register with the App.

While R1 Pro, being an international version of R1, you can simply register with an email account, or your local phone number.

Unboxing and setting up R1/R1 Pro

KS Fit App Descriptions

KS Fit is an app that helps you intelligently manage your fitness equipment. You can easily manage the fitness equipment of KingSmith you own, so every device of KingSmith will become a member of your family and also a good partner of your family.

Also, KS Fit can show your weekly exercise data clearly. And tailor different training programs for you according to your exercise situations, which can help you develop a more scientific and healthy running habit. During completing the weekly plan, you can also learn more running knowledge and scientific running methods

And, you can choose to sync your exercise data (running distance, steps, calories) to the Apple Health app now. In “Mine” – > “Settings” – > “Data sharing” – > “Apple health” of KS Fit app, select “Share” and give KS Fit permission to synchronize sports data to Apple Health app through HealthKit.

Installing the KS Fit App

Download KS Fit from App Store for IOS or Playstore for Android devices

Register an account with your mobile number
Log in and select the WalkingPad to use
Select the Sport courses if you want, or just use your own
You can monitor your progress

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