KingSmith WalkingPad FAQs

WalkingPad Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum speed of the WalkingPad?
What’s the weight capacity of WalkingPad?

How to unlock the limit speed?

You can install the respective Apps for the WalkingPad models and go through the Novice Guide, after which, the speed limit will be unlocked. This design is use as a safety measures for new users

The WalkingPad speed can be unlocked automatically for new units after walking for 1 km.

Unlocking for A1 / A1 pro

Three modes: “Standby” “M mode” “A mode”, What do they stand for?

  1. “Standby” means sleep mode while not walking.
  2. “M” means modified speed.
  3. “A” means automatic speed, you can switch between the 3 modes with the remote controller.

What is the number of Walkingpad remote battery?

The battery type for remote of WalkingPad A1, A1 Pro, C1, R1 and R1 Pro is CR2032.
It’s removed from the shipment. If the battery run out of juice, please buy one from a local store before using it.

How to operate and pair the remote control?

When powering on the WalkingPad, press the mode switch button on remote control in 5 seconds, then it will be paired with your WalkingPad.

How to lubricate the belt?

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord.
  2. Lift up the belt and apply silicone oil provided by WalkingPad on the backside of the belt.
  3. Turn on the machine again, Keep the machine running under 4km/hr for 10-20 seconds.
  4. Only apply 5 ml- 10 ml lubricant oil each time, too much lubricant oil makes the belt become slipping.
  5. Apply walkingpad silicone oil once every 3 months.

How to adjust and align the belt?

Press and hold both mode switch button and acceleration button on the remote control for 3 seconds.

  • Front panel shows ‘CALI’ and the speed is 4km/hr (2.5ml/hr)
  • If belt deviates to the left: Turn the left adjusting screw for a half-circle clockwise.
  • If belt deviates to the right: Turn the right adjusting screw for a half-circle clockwise.
  • If belt is slipping: Turn both left and right adjusting screw for a half-circle clockwise at same time
  • Keep the machine running for 1-2 minutes and check whether it needs to readjust.

What does the error codes on the LED panel means?

The electronics of the equipment continuously carries out tests.
In case of deviations, an error code appears on the display and normal operation is stopped for your safety.

  • E01: Drive failure
  • E02: Motor abnormalities
  • E05: Power overload
  • E06: Motor overload protection
  • E08: Sensor error
  • E10: Temperature to high
  • E11: Overload current protection

The device can’t connect to the app, the device WIFI flashes fast.

If the Wi-Fi light flashes fast or can’t find the device and the network timed out. Please follow this method:

  1. Press the big button on the right side of the device
  2. Wait 3 seconds
  3. Press the big button again.
  4. At this time, the Wi-Fi light becomes slower and then restarts.

What should I do if the device has an abnormal noise?

  1. If a slamming noise, you may place a treadmill mat under the WalkingPad.
  2. If Motor carbon brush whistling (very sharp metal whistling sound), front/rear drum abnormal sound. If this situation continues for a couple of days, please contact your support for maintenance.
  3. If the motor cover grinding to the walking belt: magnetic friction sound, please contact our support for maintenance.
  4. If other abnormal sounds, it needs to be judged and processed according to a detail description or video attachment, please report to our support.

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