Oral-B Pro 2000 and Pro 2 2000 Series Varieties

One of Oral-B’s most popular models

Pro 2 comes in a lot of varieties, in different colors, number and types of brush heads and accessories bundled.

It is one of the most popular electric toothbrush model from Oral-B, as it is low in price, and have just enough cleaning modes and features required for buyers who want a mid-range product.

Main Features:

  • They all use the same brush handle, only differ by brush handle color;
  • It has charging and battery level indicator LEDs;
  • It had built-in pressure sensor lights;
  • It also has the 2-minutes reminder and quad timer feature;
  • Each comes with 2 cleaning modes;
  • They comes in Lithium-ion battery, which will last 14 days of brushing (base on brushing twice a day, and 2 minutes per brushing session)

Pro 2 2000 Series

Pro 2 2000 comes in different colors, but does not come with any travel case, and only with 1 brush head.

Pro 2 2700 also does not come with any travel case, but with 2 brush heads.

Pro 2 2500 Series

Pro 2 2500 comes with an original Oral-B travel case, and each travel case design varied with different color of brush handle.

Pro 2 2500 also comes in 1 brush head only.

Pro 2 2900 Series

Pro 2 also comes in various duo handle sets, with different colors of brush handles combinations, but as they are packaged as family/couple sets, they only comes with one charger, which you’ll need to share for charging.

Pro 2 2900 does not come with any travel case.

Pro 2000 Series

Oral-B have different branding in different region/countries. In China, the Pro 2 2000 is marketed as Pro 2000, with the same brush handle models but may bundle with different brush heads and accessories

Pro 2000 China edition

Comparing different Editions of 2000s

China Edition Vs EU Vs UK Vs Germany Editions

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