FAQ – How do I know if my Philips OneBlade is fully charged?

If you are wondering how to find out if your Philips OneBlade is fully charged, find out your answer here.

Charging indications for Philips OneBlade

Some Philips OneBlade models have a charging indicator on the front of the device.

  1. When the OneBlade is running out of battery this indicator flashes orange.
  2. When the OneBlade is charging, the indicator flashes green.
  3. When the OneBlade is fully charged, the indicator lights up green continuously for approximately 30 minutes.

For other models, there is no indication of when the device is fully charged. However, when you plug it in, an orange light appears on the charger and stays on continuously while the charger is plugged in. To make sure these OneBlade models are completely charged, always charge them for at least 8 hours. Charging the OneBlade for longer periods of time does not damage its battery or machinery.

Charging indicators for OneBlade Pro

Based on the model of Philips OneBlade Pro you have, there can be two kinds of charging indications that you see. You can check the model number of your OneBlade printed on its backside.

QP6520 models

These models come with a digital display on the front of the device. When the battery is running out, the charging symbol blinks orange, and the remaining battery power is displayed on the device.

Once the battery is fully charged, the battery status percentage shows 100% and the charging symbol lights up continuously.

QP6510 models

These models show a battery status indicator bar on the front of the device.

  1. When the OneBlade Pro is running out of battery the status indicator flashes orange.
  2. When the OneBlade Pro is charging the first bar of the indicator flashes white and then lights up white continuously. Then the second bar flashes and and so on until the appliance is fully charged.

The indicator lights switch off automatically approximately 30 minutes after the OneBlade is fully charged.

If you have any further charging related questions, please refer to your user manual.

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