What’s the Differences between “Germany Edition”, UK Edition” and “China Edition”?

Centralised Manufacturing

At the time of this writing, most of the medium and higher end Oral-B’s brush handles are all made in Germany. As for replacement brush heads, most of the models are all made in Germany, apart from EB20 Precision Clean, which are made in Ireland.

Note :
For the lower end series like Vitality, DB4010/DB4510 and Children’s series DB4010K, D100, the whole product may now be made in China from oral-B’s factory there.

Product Packaging

Oral-B’s product will then be packaged differently for different markets, and the packaging box will generally be printed with local languages for individual market’s local buyer’s requirements.

E.g. For UK and US, they will be packaged with pure English descriptions on the box, but bundled with different accessories and Charger plug. For “US Edition” they will package with 110V, 2-pin flat plug, and for “UK Edition” they will package with 220 ~240V 2-pin round plug.

There are also packaging with multi-lingual packaging, “European Edition”, where French/Spanish/English/German description were printed on the Box.

Similarly, for China packaging, i.e “China Edition”, packaging is printed in both Chinese/English, for local market’s requirements, they will package with 220 ~240V 2-pin flat plug, for “China Edition”, and packaging for China market are generally more generous, usually with extra replacement brush heads, and usually coming with an original travel case for most models.

Are There any differences in Product?

Each of the Oral-B models listed on our product pages have very detail specs given, they differ by packaging box, color and type of handles, number and types of brush heads, and different accessories bundled with each package.

The lower end models like Vitality and DB40xx may have Made-In-Germany and Made-In-China version, but for all Oral-B higher end models (Pro 2000 and above), at the time of this writing, all brush handles are all made in Germany, which will then be packaged with Brush heads made in Germany/Ireland, and Charger / accessories made in China/Hungary/Mexico.

We do not think there are any difference in quality of products.

Here are some comparisons between Different Editions

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