Philips OneBlade

The Philips OneBlade is a revolutionary new hybrid styler that can trim, shave and create clean lines edges, on any length of hair. Forget about using multiple steps and tools. OneBlade does it all.

Not quite a beard trimmer, not quite a shaver, the OneBlade is an electric groomer designed for men who wear facial styles and beards. According to Philips, the device has been “specially designed to suit the modern man’s needs”. It can trim, edge, and shave any length of hair to a precision stubble length using one of the three combs that are included. Or, you can use it without a comb for a closer shave.

It’s in this latter use that the OneBlade actually excels. Although Philips says the device is aimed at those who maintain facial hair, I believe the OneBlade will be most appreciated by those who have long-suffered with razor-burn and ingrown hairs when using traditional shavers. The close shave achieved with the OneBlade is very good, and since it isn’t as close as you’d get with a wet razor blade, it means you’ll achieve a clean look with far less skin irritation, if any at all.

On the plus side, the OneBlade can be used both wet and dry. If you prefer to have your morning shave in the shower, or using shaving gel, the OneBlade will happily oblige. Plus, cleaning the device is simply a matter of running it under the tap.

The OneBlade Blade Design

Although Philips says the OneBlade uses a combination of rotary technology and a trimmer, this is neither a foil or rotary shaver. Basically, the head uses a single blade, which is a refreshing move in an industry that seems to think adding as many blades as possible is the definition of innovation.

This single blade moves incredibly quickly – 200x per second, in fact. It’s surrounded by a “dual protection system”, meaning it’s guarded by a shield with rounded plastic tips to protect your skin. Quite where the rotary part comes in remain unsure, but it’s certainly a nice and simple design. Also helpful is the fact the head pivots, offering greater control when tackling the more difficult areas of your face.

Changing the head takes only seconds using the aforementioned “eject” button to remove the old one. Philips recommends changing heads every four months. On the whole, the OneBlade is well designed and therefore a pleasure to use.

OneBlade QP2520, QP2530, QP2630

These series comes with a single blade handle, and various bundling of blades, combs of different lengths, face or body guards.

They also comes with different rechargeable batteries, either Ni-MH or Li-ion, which give different battery usage and charging times (refer to the comparison chart below).

The OneBlade has a power button and eject slider to remove the head, and a charging port on the bottom of the handle.

OneBlade Pro

If you’re after a more refined shaver then there are also a “Pro” version in the OneBlade range. It sports a more sophisticated black design. The Pro shaver comes with an adjustable precision comb that has 14 length settings from 0.4 to – 10mm, instead of the various “combs” that comes with the “non-Pro” version

It also comes with an LED display that shows the battery level of the OneBlade handle.

The Pro model comes with a charging stand instead of the mobile charger as in the other models.


The following chart give comparisons on features and parts for the various models

The OneBlade Replacement blades

Apart from the main OneBlade package, you can also place order for the replacement blades, which also come in variety, depending on your needs.

The following chart give the comparison of various packages for replacement blades

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