EB10K Kids Replacement Brush Heads

The EB10 Replacement Brush Heads for Kids’ range of electric toothbrush

The Oral-B EB10 Kids Power Replacement Brush Head provides dental hygiene for kids. This specially crafted brush head fits both electric and battery operated Oral-B brushes. Its design is suitable for children over 3 years of age. With delicate bristle layout and a smart design, it helps them thwart dental issues at an early age.

It offer different theme from Disney’s animated films characters, this means that your child will take a liking to at least one of the designs. All brush heads are interchangeable, and is compatible for all ranges brush handles from DB4010K, D12.513K, D10.513K & D1000 models.

Children Specific Brush Head
The Oral-B EB10 Kids Power Replacement Brush Head comprises of smaller bristles. These are placed in a way that they provide extra-soft brushing and are gentler on the gums. It suits small mouth openings and smaller teeth of children. The longer row of bristles clean chewing surfaces better which are susceptible to cavities.

EB10K Replacement Brush heads

Oral-B Stages Power battery operated toothbrush EB4510K , and rechargeable battery powered D12.513K, D10.513K and D100 uses the EB10K replacement brush heads, and is compatible for all themes.

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