Oral-B Teen for Ages 12+ and above

The Oral-B Teen, as the name implies has been designed with those aged about 12-18 in mind.

Whilst there is nothing specific about this brush that makes it exclusive to teenagers, it is the design on the brush handle grip and the inclusion of the Ortho brush head that make it a little more fitting and appealing to this age group.

Perhaps a little generalised to assume that teenagers will need an Ortho style brush head, but to be fair statistics confirm that it is this age group that are most likely to need and want the brush head specifically designed for cleaning of orthodontic appliances (braces).

Variants of this brush

Depending on where and when you buy this brush, there are a couple of variants. Technically the brushes are the same. At the time of review, the only difference is the colour and the pattern on the brush handle.

Both named the Oral-B Teen the 2 colour options are:

  • White – All white coloured brush handle and grip. Black ‘Zebra like’ pattern on rubber grip.
  • Black – White plastic body, with black rubber grip. Silver/grey ‘tribal like’ pattern on the rubber grip.

It is the white option that is more widely available.

You may see some retailers or references to the name Oral-B Smart Teen. This is (in most cases) the same toothbrush. The word smart is often included because the brush has smart features, notably the Bluetooth connectivity.

Replacement Brush heads

This Oral-B electric toothbrush is bundled with the sensitive brush head, however, you can use any of the other compatible replacement brush head from Oral-B

The Oral-B Replacement brush heads – select the video you want to play from top-right corner

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