Oral-B Children and Junior Series

If your child is over 3 years of age an electric toothbrush is an excellent choice.

The results recent 11-year study has shown us that electric toothbrushes are more efficient at preventing oral health problems like gum disease than manual toothbrushes. Getting your child accustomed to an electric toothbrush in their early years can provide positive benefits that will last them a lifetime.

It is a parent’s responsibility to keep their children’s teeth healthy from the time the teeth first erupt until their child is fully independent and self-sufficient.

The recommended Oral-B children’s electric toothbrush is dependent on the age of the kid. For children aged from 0-3 years old the best toothbrush to go for is the brush-baby baby sonic toothbrush.

From age 3-6 years old go for the Oral-B Stages electric toothbrush and for 6+ to 11 years old use the Oral-B Junior Electric toothbrush. As for 12+ years old, Oral-B Teens is recommended

Age 3+ to 6 years old

Children in this age group are still very dependent on mum and dad for oral care. It is important that parents make sure that all surfaces of the teeth are cleaned. It is often easier to sit with the child between your knees with their head tilted gently backward.

It is a common misconception that secondary teeth only appear after a baby tooth has been lost but the first permanent molar can come through unnoticed as early as 5 years. It is vital that these teeth are cleaned thoroughly as soon as they appear.

This is a great age to introduce an electric toothbrush. There are a number of fun models available to get children excited about teeth brushing. Some electric toothbrushes connect with entertaining and educational Apps that can be hugely beneficial for establishing good oral health habits.

Children of these ages should not be allowed to run around or be left by themselves with a toothbrush in their mouths

1) Oral-B Stages Power AA Battery operated DB4510K

Different countries may have different packaging of DB4010K

The DB4510 and DB4510K are powered by AA battery. Battery powered toothbrushes are toothbrushes that are powered by AA or AAA batteries and are not rechargeable. They often are cheaper than their rechargeable electric toothbrush counterparts. However, the amount of clinical research that has gone into battery powered toothbrushes are much less and they are in effect manual toothbrushes that make a buzzing noise.

Read more details here

2) Oral-B Stages Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush D12.513K

D12.513K with 6 Disney Themes

Oral-B Stages Power rechargeable children’s electric toothbrushes are suitable for ages 3+. Their small round heads provide an oscillating movement to help remove plaque from teeth.

One nice thing about D12.513K is that the character design is only on the heads, so if you want to switch from Cars to Star Wars, you can do so without replacing the brush handle itself.

All Disney-branded Oral-B children’s toothbrushes can be used with the Disney MagicTimer App which, they say, gets 90% of children brushing for longer. The app gradually reveals an image as kids complete their two minutes of brushing. Over time they collect rewards to fill a virtual sticker album.

Read more details here

3) Oral-B Stages Power Kids D10.513K

D10.513K with 3 Disney Themes

The D10.513K is an much improved model, especially with a charging indicator, which is missing from DB4510K and D12.513K models mentioned above.

Read more details here

4) Oral-B Stages Power Kids D100 Electric Toothbrush with 2 Cleaning modes

D100 UK Edition with 5 Disney Themes

Replacement brush heads for 3+ through 6 years old

The Oral-B model is EB10

Read more details here

Age 6+ to 11 years old

It is generally advised that parents help and supervise teeth cleaning sessions until the children are at least 6+ years old. As the children get older, supervision can gradually decrease but it is still important that parents maintain an active interest in everyday teeth brushing sessions. As more permanent teeth erupt it is vital that all surfaces of the teeth are cleaned thoroughly. If the child is using a manual toothbrush, their cleaning technique should be refined as their hand skills develop. The short scrub and bass techniques are both good brushing styles for children.

If they aren’t already using an electric toothbrush, this would be a great time to get them started. Electric toothbrushes are very effective at removing plaque and they are not reliant on a good brushing technique as the motorized cleaning head does all the work.

One of the biggest challenges for parents is to get their children to brush for a full 2 minutes. Electric toothbrushes with 2-minute timers are a great way to get kids accustomed to brushing for the proper amount of time.

Children in this group are very receptive to learning and this is a great time to involve them in choosing their own toothbrush and toothpaste.

5) Oral-B Junior Kids Electric Toothbrush for Children Aged 6+

Oral-B Junior with 2 colours

The Oral-B Junior Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush has been specially designed by Oral-B for the 6+ age range. It comes in a very trendy purple or Green colour which is eye-catching and the hand size is small enough for a child size hand. The on and off button has been made to be simple for a child to press and control.

Read more details here

6) Oral-B Junior Smart Series for Age 6+ to 11

Oral-B Smart and the variants

As stated on the box, the Junior Smart has been designed with children aged 6+ years and over in mind.

Typically, children need assistance from parents when brushing their teeth up until the age of about 8 years old. But, come 6 years old, routine and probably a bit of parental nagging has kicked in and they are doing a pretty good job themselves.

The Junior Smart offers a product that is still child friendly, but has been refined to be more mature and more ‘cool’ than the bright coloured handles typically applied to younger children’s toothbrushes.

Read more details here

Age 12+ years old

7) Oral-B Teen for Ages 12+ and above

The Oral-B Teen, as the name implies has been designed with those aged about 12-18 in mind.

Whilst there is nothing specific about this brush that makes it exclusive to teenagers, it is the design on the brush handle grip and the inclusion of the Ortho brush head that make it a little more fitting and appealing to this age group.

Perhaps a little generalised to assume that teenagers will need an Ortho style brush head, but to be fair statistics confirm that it is this age group that are most likely to need and want the brush head specifically designed for cleaning of orthodontic appliances (braces).

Read more details here

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