Oral-B Smart Series 7000

Oral-B’s 7000 SmartSeries is another one of the brand’s high-end toothbrushes. It offers all six cleaning modes (Tongue Cleaning, Daily Clean, Sensitive, Gum Care, Whitening, and Pro-Clean) so it can adapt to your needs for a different brushing experience when you want it.

Oral-B 7000

This model comes with a round Cross-Action brush head, with its bristles arranged similarly to that of the Genius Pro 8000. With over eight hundred brush movements per second, the unique bristle design and the motor work together to clean each tooth thoroughly.

The 7000 Smart Series has a pressure indicator built into the middle of the body in the shape of a ring. The ring glows red if you are pushing too hard on your teeth. Compared to the previous models that only featured a strip of light on both sides, the ring is so much clearer, and makes it really obvious if you’re doing damage to your teeth. Also, for users with big hands, you won’t need to worry about accidentally covering the indicators as you brush.

The 7000 Smart Series is equipped with a NiMH battery and usually lasts ten days on a full charge.

Conversely, one aspect of this device that I appreciated the most was the black rubber grip areas built onto the front and back parts of the handle. This made it easier to continue holding and using the toothbrush, especially when it got wet.

The 7000 Smart Series comes with a premium travel case which is similar to that of the Pro 8000 in terms of build. However, it cannot charge your smartphone nor your toothbrush. This could be attractive for travelers who are just looking for a good place to store away their toothbrush.

Overall, this model is a solid option for people who still want to dish out the extra money for a high-end toothbrush but can live without some of the additional bells and whistles.

Above is extracted from Bestelectrictoothbrushlist.com

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