Setting up WalkingPad C1

Note : The following is done with screen captures from IOS version of WalkingPad App, the Android version may differs slightly. Screen captures are done in August 2019, and may differ in future versions of WalkingPad App.

a) Download and Install WalkingPad App

Search for WalkingPad App on App Store or Playstore, and install it. Proceed with registration of the account and log in

b) Logging in and enter bio data

You will be asked to enter your bio data so that health related info will be displayed later when you start using the WalkingPad and app

c) Searching for WalkingPad C1 device on your App

Please make sure you had select China as Region/country in the APP, and connect only to 2.4GHz Wifi during setting up, otherwise the App won’t be able to detect the device

You can select the language mode, after which, click on the “Search for Device” button on the App and it will start looking for available WalkingPad around you. Please make sure the WalkingPad LED is brinking and in stand-by mode, so that it is able to be detected by the App. Once the App display an available WalkingPad, click on “Connect” to complete adding the WalkingPad to your App

d) Start The Novice Guide to unlock the speed and features

You will need to go through the Novice Guide to learn about the operation of the WalkingPad before the full features can be unlocked, otherwise the speed will be capped at 3km/h even if you use only the remote control the operate the WalkingPad.

e) Manual Mode

This will guide you to go through the manual mode operation, including starting and stopping of the WalkingPad C1

f) Auto Mode

This will guide you to go through the Auto mode operation, including accelerating and de-accelerating of the WalkingPad C1

g) Changing Mode and Completion of Novice Guide

This will guide you through the operation of the Change Mode button, and some of the other settings of the WalkingPad C1. Upon completion of these steps, the WalkingPad C1 full speed and features will all be unlock, you will now be able to operate the WalkingPad at full speed of 6km/h

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