Oral-B ibrush 10000

There is little difference between the iBrush 9000 and the iBrush 10000 (as we explain in more detail below), but the iBrush 10000 was launched in China and later in some European countries as genius 10000.

Oral-B have a wide variety of electric toothbrushes, ranging from the basic, functional and very affordable, right through to the more premium, feature rich and fairly expensive. The iBrush 10,000 is the latest brush to be added to this lineup and it sits firmly at the premium end of the range.

Please note: The Oral-B range is very confusing and differs from country to country.  If you can spare the few extra minutes, it is worth reading the remainder of this article to fully understand the 10,000 and what it offers.

Compared to the Genius 9000 or iBrush 9000, it is essentially identical.  Subject to your location, brush colour, price and potentially box packaging and contents is what sets these 2 brushes apart.

iBrush 10000 – the longer and detailed explanation
The iBrush 10000 was launched in late 2018. According to Oral-B, the 10000 was launched to celebrate the introduction of new colours, not previously available.

Those colours are orchid purple and midnight black (this is where the brush heads are black too – not previously the case on other ‘black’ coloured Oral-B brushes).

In addition, the iBrush 10000 gains ‘gum protection technology’, the New Gum Guard technology, and a different accessory pack, the configuration Timing Reminder

Oral-B New Gum Guard technology

In some respects, as the model number suggests the 10000 is superior and is the new replacement to the 9000. However, whilst it might seem this way, this is not quite correct. Excluding price, brush colour and some additional accessories in the box, the iBrush 9000 and the iBrush 10000 are identical.

Both models have the same cleaning modes, the same smart ring, the same battery life, the same built in timer and pressure sensor, use the same brush heads and both have the same Bluetooth connectivity.

What’s in The Box?
The ibrush 10,000 come with the following box contents.

  • 1 x Brush handle
  • 1 x CrossAction, 1 x 3D White & 2 x Sensi UltraThin brush heads
  • 1 x Premium Smart Travel Case
  • 1 x Travel case charger
  • 1 x Smartphone holder
  • 1 x Charging stand
  • 1 x Brush head storage compartment (holds 4 heads)
  • 1 x Configuration Timing Reminder

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