Smart Coaching via Bluetooth App connectivity

Provides Smart Coaching Through The Mobile App
The app can be downloaded for your smartphone or tablet. It’ll keep track of all your brushing habits. There are a few good reasons for this. That gathered data can be brought to your dentist when you go for cleanings and checkups.

The mobile app may still be in its early stages, but it’s already going a long way in refining your brushing experience. It can track pressure sensitivity, the amount of time you spend brushing, the areas in your mouth you need to focus on more, and so on. The future is bright for mobile app development and electric toothbrushes.

How do I connect my Oral-B Genius or SmartSeries toothbrush to the Oral-B app?
Please refer to the original post on official Oral-B Site here

Which smartphones can connect to the Oral-B app and how?

Download Apps here

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