Oral-B EB series of Replacement Brush Heads

The following EB series of replacement brush heads are compatible for all the

  • Battery powered DB4010, DB4510 brush handle
  • D100 Series
  • Vitality Series
  • PRO, Pro 2, Pro 3, Pro 4
  • Smart Series 4000, 5000, 6000, 7000
  • iBrush Series
  • Genius Series

of Oral-B electric toothbrushes

You can go through the following Youtube playlist to view the functions of all the different types of replacement brush heads, you can select the individual 15 videos to show each brush heads’ characteristics.

Here’s a quick overview of Oral-B’s latest roster of brush heads:

EB10 Precision Clean

Precision Clean: Best For Beginners

Here’s a comfortable clean that works best for beginners. It’s a balanced brush head that gently eases first-time users into the routine with rounded bristle tips grouped into several small clusters to maximize the area covered. Its bristles are trimmed in the shape of an arc which helps the bristles wash over the tooth completely.

Capable of removing up to 5x more plaque than a manual toothbrush the precision clean head leaves your whole mouth feeling cleaner thanks to an arc trim that cups each tooth as you brush it.

EB50 CrossAction

Cross-Action: A Well-Rounded Clean

This is the brand’s standard brush head. It’s designed to give a well-rounded clean. The brush head has a polishing cup in the middle to remove surface stains. The CrossAction toothbrush head has a CrossCross bristle configuration set at a 16 degree angle to effectively clean teeth, along the gumline and reach deep in between teeth to loosen and remove up to 100% more plaque than a manual toothbrush.

The bristles are bunched into 26 smaller clusters. Right in the centre you have 2 clusters of short white bristles. Around this is a ring of 8 bristle clusters that are a dark blue and green in colour.

The green bristles are the same height as the inner white bristles and the dark blue sit slightly taller. All of these bristles are angled at 16 degrees. There is then the final outer ring of bristles. 16 clusters all of which are angled at 16 degrees. There are shorter white bristles and then taller light lue bristles. It is the light lue bristles that are the ‘indicator bristles that fade over time as the brush head is used.

Oral-B also have a black color version of the CrossAction brush head, the only EB series in Black color

EB60 Sensi UltraThin

Sensi Ultra-Thin: Good Cleaning For Fragile Teeth

The Sensi Ultra-Thin can churn out as much power as its fellow brush heads. However, it is designed differently. It has a round head with soft, thin bristles that are rounded at the tip. This ensures that the bristles can still provide a good cleaning without being too abrasive for fragile teeth.

Engineered to be softer on the teeth and gums, the bristles are softer and formed into a petal shapes for a more gentle movement along the gumline, tooth surface, in and around sensitive and inflamed areas

EB17S Sensitive

Sensitive Clean: Extra Soft Bristles For Sensitive Gums

This is an older version of the Sensi Ultra-Thin. It has extra soft bristles and is a particularly popular option for users with sensitive gums.

EB25 Floss Action

Floss Action: Brush AND Floss Between Each Tooth

This is built to simultaneously brush and floss between each tooth. As a result, the bristles have a slightly wiry look and feel to them. This brush head is best for those who put healthy gums as a priority.

The unique MicroPulse bristles are designed to reach and clean deep between the teeth to give a floss like clean whilst other bristles focus on the tooth surfaces and the gum line to help lift and remove plaque.

EB30 Trizone

Trizone (or Deep Sweep in the US) : Three Different Cleaning Zones

This is one of the newer brush heads with three different cleaning zones for maximum effect. Since it is designed specifically to provide a deep and comprehensive clean, it may not be the best brush head for people with sensitive teeth.

It looks like the manual toothbrush head and have interchangeable head features 3 bristle zones.

A power tip reaches the back teeth whilst shorter bristles clean the tooth surface and longer sweeping bristles that reach up to 2X deeper between teeth compared to a manual brush to deliver a more superior clean.

It is also worth noting that the TriZone brush head is larger than the oscillating rotating brush heads like Cross Action, Floss Action etc.

EB18P 3D White

3D White (or Pro-White in the US)

This is designed for advanced cleaning to help you achieve a whiter smile. Offering a specially designed, dentist inspired polishing cup this brush head is for a tooth by tooth clean that works to remove surface stains to whiten teeth while the bristles clean away plaque.

In fact, 3D White has the power to whiten teeth in 2 weeks by removing surface stains.

EB417 Dual Clean

Dual Clean:

This has two moving brush heads in one for twice the cleaning action. It is designed to provide gum care and remove plaque.

One bristle section moves side to side while the other oscillates and pulsates for twice the cleaning action. It can even penetrate hard-to-reach areas.

IP17 Interspace (or Power Tip)

Power Tip (or Interspace in the US):

This is for cleaning around Dental Work and is specially designed to clean around bridges, crowns, and other dental work. It cleans between teeth in tiny, hard-to-reach areas.

Referred to as either Power Tip or Interspace this brush head is specifically designed to clean between teeth and around dental work such as bridges, crowns and tiny, hard to reach areas in between teeth and implants.

OD17 Ortho

Ortho: For braces

Designed to suit those who are undergoing orthodontic treatment the brush head makes for easier and simpler cleaning of braces.

Inner bristles focus on the brace attachment to the tooth whilst outer bristles focus on the exposed tooth surface, the gumline and in between teeth. An ortho brush kit often contains 2 other brush heads and a Interspace/Power Tip.

How Soon should you replace your brush head?

The recommended time period for changing an Oral-B brush head is every 3 months.

This is a general consensus among the dentistry profession. You will find that the brush heads will normally last 3 months and whilst the intensity of the bristle colour may have changed the bristle formation should still be virtually the same as it was when new at the end of the 3 month period.

Using a brush head for longer can actually cause harm to the teeth because bristles can become damaged and less effective at how they sweep across the tooth surfaces, in between teeth and along the gum line.

Therefore it is always important to monitor your brush head and consider whether it is necessary to change your brush head sooner rather than later.

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