Mi Purifiers filter Replacements – comparisons

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier filters should be replaced regularly.

The frequency of replacement depends on your environment (polluted city, street with little traffic, room full of dust). The recommended replacement frequency is 3 to 6 months.

The HEPA filter of the Xiaomi Air Purifier is capable of removing 99.9% of the fine particles (PM2.5) but also the bacteria, heavy metals, viruses, formaldehyde present in the atmosphere.

There are filters compatible with activated charcoal. To be certain of the effectiveness of your Air Purifier, it is best to buy original filters.

Three types of filters are available from Xiaomi:

  • Blue [Particulate Version]: economic filter consisting of 3 layers (primary filter for large particles, HEPA filter for fine particles and pollens and activated carbon to eliminate bacteria, viruses …)

  • Green [Formaldehyde version]: a more efficient filter to remove formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia. The H11 grade HEPA filter retains 99% of the PM0.3 class and 99.99% of the PM2.5 class. It is also more effective at eliminating odors like cigarette smoke.
  • Purple [Anti Bacteria version]: It has the same efficiency as the green filter. An anti-bacterial treatment eliminates bacteria and airborne pathogens.

All the filters are compatible with the different models of Xiaomi Air Purifier 1, 2, 2s and Pro, not for MAX

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