Xiaomi’s Miui TV version’s Patchwall

What is Patchwall?

All Xiaomi’s TV Boxes, TVs, Soundbar and the Mi Home Theatre System are all running on a special of MIUI TV version of OS, with the recent MIUI TV OS upgrades since October 2016, all interfaces had all been replaced and powered by Xiaomi`s exclusive AI-based PatchWall interface. These are some of the very first smart TV gizmos to come with AI support.

What happen to the Language Interface?

Previously, if you have access to the original Android “Settings” utilities App, you can actually change the Language interface from the default “Chinese” shipped from factory, to English and a few selected languages under Android.

There language interface for the MIUI will instantly be changed, say, From Chinese to fully in English, baring, some isolated places where Xiaomi’s team had missed out on the translation and remained in Chinese.

As for the Apps, if they are design to be multi-lingual, they will also be automatically be displayed in the language set the the Android’s language settings.

However, with the introduction of MIUI TV’s Patchwall, all language interface will remain in Chinese only, as Xiaomi did not provide the English counterpart translation in Patchwall’s interface.

You can still change some of the generic Android utilities’ language setting using this special tool, download the APK and install from a USB drive, run it and change the language setting, but as we had explained earlier, those Apps that have multiple language designed will have English interface displayed.

Download the app – https://bit.ly/2JgoDY6

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