Common problems facing Hurom Juicers

Most of the problem Hurom juicrr related problems are actuallu listed on the HU Series Manual that come with the Hurom juicer when we ship, most user do not bother to read through the manual, and simply go ahead with the juicer straight away after un-boxing the unit.

The following are the most common problems reported by users, and we extract portion of the instructions from the official manual

1) The juicer cannot start when power on

We do have buyers who previously had reported similar problems, however, we did advised them to try again with the following checkings before bringing or sending the unit back to us, as most of the time the unit do work when we mount the item correctly after receiving the unit that buyers had back to us.

a) Make sure power is plug in

b) Proper alignment and assembly of the juicer parts

If the Juicer does not start (the following steps were found in the Hurom manual) Check if the appliance has been assembled according to the directions given in the manual. Check if the hooper is assembled properly, if the hooper has not been locked into place, the juicer will not operate for safety reasons Make sure the Chamber arrow is aligned with the hooper arrow, when you hear a “click” sound.

PS. A standalone Juicer motor base will not work standalone by itself, if the unit must be properly assembled completely,

2) Cannot separate the Hopper from the Chamber after juicing

If after juicing, during cleaning, you cannot separate the Hooper from the chamber, and they are very tightly coupled.

If the hopper and chamber is still properly mounted on the juicer base, you can try flushing excess pulp out by pouring water into the hopper, and “On” the juicer, and try to separate again.

However, if the hopper and chamber had already been dismount from the juicer base, and cannot be put back.

We think there should be lots of fruit pulp stuck inside during juicing, if they were not cut into smaller pieces. Please try to put the cover and chamber (without the engine body) and put them under running tap water to flush as much pulp out from the chamber (with the juice cap open), after flushing most of the pulp suck inside, you can try again, to see if you can separate the hopper from chamber.

3) Help! my Auger is broken

Hurom advise

As advised by the distributor, please make sure the fruits are cut into smaller pieces, especially for hard ingredients like carrot or with strong fibres like celery, and remove any hard seeds. This could likely be the cause of the Auger being broken at the wing area. Distributor may assess the warranty claim and sometimes may reject it as rough usage of juicer, please observe the above advise.

Please cut your hard ingredient, and those with strong fibres into small pieces before

slotting into the juicer, hard fruits if put in big chunks, may break the auger and strainers.

The string fibres may tangle 

4) Can’t separate strainer from spinning brush

This video shows the proper way to eject the strainer from the Hurom’s spinning brush, just by holding the spinning brush with your fingers, and gently press the strainer from the bottom to separate them

5) Other Precautions

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