Xiaomi Roidmi: A FM modulator and ‘Smart’ & ‘Secure’ Car Charger

Xiaomi ROIDMI is a car charger but with the addition of Bluetooth and FM transmision function.

Xiaomi Roidmi as a Secure Charger

Although there is a variety and quality of car charger, nowadays. But if we go back to those years when most of the car chargers were of low cost, quite rudimentary and had very low amperage. Thus, they would experience the eternal burden and sometimes were unworkable. The most dangerous aspect of them was that the changing amperes in the car which could even produce a short circuit in the phone or the charger.

The Xiaomi Roidmi offers an amperage of 3.1 A. The amperage is divided into two ports, one with 2.1A and other with 1A. The first port can be used to charge a phone and other can provide support to a dash cam or any other low ampere device like a USB fan. In addition to this, the two ports are also illuminated with a blue LED.

Xiaomi has included several security measures in its charging. These measures includes an anti-short circuit system, protection against rises in temperature. It also has a system to detect the type of device and ensuring the best performance for that device.

Xiaomi Roidmi as a Bluetooth FM Transmitter

Apart from the main function of the device: charging gadgets, Roidmi also have some additional features.

The Roidmihas two wireless connections, a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and a FM transmitter. It enables it’s users to play music from their phones on the car’s FM tuner. This is something that may not be necessary because many new cars nowadays have an auxiliary connection or a Bluetooth system. But for those who are deprived from this technology in their cars, which we believe majority of the cars out there, for them Xiaomi Roidmi will be really useful.

Using it on an iPhone

You can connect Roidmi to your phone using the Mi Smart Home app, you can scan the QR code below and install the App on your iPhone.

If you have an iPhone you must connect to Bluetooth Roidmi with the default frequency of 96.4MHz, which is pre-set when shipped out from the factory.

However, if the default 96.4Mhz crashes with an existing FM station frequency in your area, it will cause interference between the ROidmi and the FM stations’ broadcast. What you can do is to borrow an Android phone and install the Roidmi app (see QR code below), and manually search for a frequency on your car’s FM that ‘s not currently occupied by any FM station, then use the Android Roidmi app to set the broadcasting frequency to the unoccupied range.

Thereafter, your music streamed from your iPhone will sync with the Roidmi through bluetooth, and Roidmi will broadcast the music with the newly set FM frequency.

Using it on An Android Phone

As far as the radio is concerned, android smartphone is more likely to be used. Because you can use the intuitive Roidmi Driver Android app (see QR code above) to set the frequency at which it will issue the Xiaomi Roidmi thus avoid interference with other radio stations.

Supported Car models

Note: Before buying Xiaomi Roidmi, we must inform you that unfortunately it is not compatible with all cars. The seller offers the following list of unsupported cars:

PEUGEOT 301 / PEUGEOT 2008, DS 3 SKODA Fabia / Rapid Spaceback, TOYOTA Vois, Changan Mazda 2, Dongfeng Honda XR-V, Renault Captur, Honda Odyssey / City / Vezel / Crider / Shuttle, CITROEN Elysee.  No NISSAN, SUBARU or KIA for all models.

Installation steps

The following are translated from the original Chinese Manual coming with the Roidmi.

Main Specs

Installing unit

1. Remove the cover of the cigarette lighter (if any) in the car, and make sure there is no waste inside of the cigarette lighter.

2. Insert Roidmi to the cigarette lighter. When flashing, pair the Roidmi device via Bluetooth. When there is a steady light, pairing is successful and the device is connected via Bleutooth.

Setting Up using Roidmi App recommendations (for Android Apps only)

1. To install the player and Bluetooth connection, please read the installation guide in the Roidmi App;

2. The default frequency is 96.4MHz

3. After a successful pairing Roidmi with a smartphone, you can set the FM radio frequency via phone, or use an automatic search of FM frequency for broadcasting music files stored on your phone

4. We recommend an FM frequency in accordance with the recommendations of the App to maintain the highest sound quality;

5. If your smartphone does not find Roidmi, make sure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, and cigarette lighter has a power supply; if the device do not pair for a long time, try to connect to the new device via Smartphone or restart Roidmi.

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